Wednesday 22 September 2010

funky noel with bells on!!!!

Good afternoon!!!!
hope you all have lovely weather like we do today. Scott and I droppped Mo off at school, treated ourselves to a lovely breakfast and then came home and set to work tidying up the garden. It looks nice at the moment....all ready for little Mo to come home and fill it back up with lego models and cars!!!!
So on my bloggy today we have a most funky and gorgeous wordbook using one of Anice's fabulous new wordbook downloads,This one used the traditional wordbook download which you can find here.
Its hard to see in the piccy but I printed it out on linen card and it looks so pretty with the texture in real life!!!!
Now to make you laugh a bit!!!
I finished the wordbook yesterday and pootled off to fetch Mo from school. I came home and took a couple of piccies, popped the memory card into my computer, looked at the piccies and thought ( like we all do.....) there naff, I'll take a better piccy when little mo goes to bed.
So I get mo settled off after a story and pootle back down to take a coupe more piccies........yup naff again so I resort to my lovely light box photo thingy.....more naff piccies. By this point I am getting a little stressed with my lovely purple canon ixus and deciding it must be going flat. I put it on charge and treat myself to watching the great british bake off,( mmmmm yummo food in the final, well deserved win Ed!!!)
Go back to take another picture, its poo too so I scream at camera and threaten to squish it into the floor and do a ceremonial camera squishing dance on it!!!!!! romfl!!!!
I take one picture today ( yep, just one!!) telling camera as I am taking it that if its a poo picture I will swap her for scott's 'all singing all dancing god I don't know which button to press' camera
.......and whoop whoop little purple camera does me proud today!!!!!! phew!!! the glitter on my letters still isn't as sparkly as it is in real life but it came out ok!!
so thats me for today!!!
huge hugs
Lou xxxx