Friday 28 December 2012

My first altered candle!!

Stamp- Free Hugs from Dies to Die For.
Candle- £1 from trusty poundshop :)
Morning peeps!!!
Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday!! I am actually lost for days! Chrimbles has fried my already useless little brain and all day yesterday I thought it was wednesday....that was until my old boss rang to arrange what time I am working this afternoon!!!!romfl!! I am so glad he rang as I was so sure it wasn't for another day!!! he he he he!!!

So last night to help my brain settle down I got back into crafty mode and decided to make my first altered candle with my Free Hugs Saturated Canary stamp. I keep seeing these gorgeous candles people have been making with their stamps and thinking to myself I want to do it but never took the plunge!! I am so pleased I did because it was so much fun. I need to practice my colouring on the tissue paper a bit to get nicer blends of colours  because its so different to working on my normal promarker paper choice but thats all part of the fun of stamping in a different way.

I got 3 of these pillar candles from the poundshop before christmas so you can probably expect to see another 2 candles popping up soon!! 

Right, I am off to get dressed and get another load of washing on...its funny how behind you get with 3 days off the laundry for christmas!!!! and Mo is busy learning 'furbish' with his new furby!! its quite funny!! he asked for breakfast by telling me
" mummy I am ay-tay for some coco pops please" 

Thank you for popping in on me
Huge hugs Lou xxx