Friday 5 July 2013

Happy Mail and a DT call......

Stamp- Happy Mail from Tiddly Inks.
Afternoon peeps!!
sorry I am so late in posting today. Mo had to have some bloods done this morning and the nurse struggled to get any to be willing to come out and had to keep trying which he found really hard and went into meltdown. He almost passed out bless him as she had to take some from a part where his magic cream hadn't reached. She said his little veins were tired from having so many bloods done recently :(  Mummy of course had to be really brave for him but inside I was just feeling awful. its so hard to see your little guy that frightened :( the nurse struggled to get a dressing on his sites afterwards as he got himself so sweaty and anxious.
Mummy to the rescue with huge snugglies and sweeties afterwards and Daddy went to fetch him some milk (...yup, Mo still prefers milk and water to drink, milk being the favourite!!) and once he had calmed down some we took him back to school to make his day as normal as possible. In a few days time we shall know a little more about what is making him poorly.

Anywhoo, enough of my trauma's!!! lol!!! I have some exciting news for you!!! Tiddly Inks are having a DT call!!!! 
so all you need to do if you fancy being a Tiddly Inker is click on this gorgeous piccy coloured by our gorgeous Jodi and get the deets you need to apply. I have to say we are very excited over in team Tiddly to see who is going to be our new buddy!!!

And my little Happy Mail Wryn card...well she was just the ticket to cheer me up!! and I love the little sentiment! I added a little twist to it by popping the little bird stamp on top of the happy!! sooo cute!!!

Right. got to go. I am waiting on the Vulcan XH558 flying in to waddington for the airshow!! they skies over our village have been buzzing with gorgeous beauties all day!! I get so excited, I LOVE LOVE LOVE jets and noisy planes!!!! (Mo doesn't, he has his ear defenders out already!!) we get a whole weekend of these awesome beauties and then they all fly out on monday. Every year my Grandad comes to watch it with us from the field next to our house and Mo loves it!! right, really am going!! 15 mins until the vulcan gets in!!!!

huge hugs Lou xxxx