Monday 6 March 2017


Image- Trixie.
Morning everyone!

I hope you are all waking up to a magical monday!! I am just sat at my pooter with a lovely cup of tea and 3 gingernut biscuits. It is my little monday treat while I type up this bloggy post of the super cute Trixie.

She was the card for my BFF's other twin ( from my Dixie post last week). And Trixie was Just right for Myla! Myla has a tiara and cinderella glittery pale blue heeled play shoes that she wears all the time. I was so excited when Maurie drew these because they really couldn't of been more perfect and the twins mummy LOVED them too!

Time for a Lou health update! I think I'm doing really well. The wounds and bruising are looking so very much better and the best thing of all is that my little 'Nipple Island' seems to be thriving quite happily. 

That is a really, really great thing as the skin that they attempt to do this with can die off so the fact that it has bruised and is now getting more pinky-ish shows that its getting a bit of a blood supply to it and healing very well! Go Nipple Island!!

The itchy-ness seems to be a lot better today too, though I am still very much getting used to that 'out of the dressings and plomped into a bra' feel. Here is how mini boob is looking right now..

Pretty good I think for 19 days worth of healing!! Now it should just about stop itching by the time I go to get my lymph nodes done on the 15th right? he he he!!!

Right, time for me to pootle off. I need to blog this cutie over on the Dream Team blog and finish off this cuppa!! Have a great day everyone and thank you for popping in on me
Hugs Lou xx