Saturday 16 May 2009

urgh, what a day!!!!

Urgh!!! I have been on a child protection course all day today and it was hard, I don't like to dwell on people who hurt children but as part of my job it is an essential course, I am pleased it is over though!!! Scott took me for a quick visit to alicraft to cheer me up though so I got some pinflair silicone and a syringe and little mo chose me a new tilda!!! bless him!!!
So, I made some gorgeous little books on thursday morning with little mo. His was blue and is now very written in as he spent the whole day at nursery writing in it so I don't have a picture of that one but here is my niece Lily's ( she is a bit cross with me at the moment as her mummy-my big sis- keeps coming to play at my hoise on a wednesday night and Lily can't come as it is past bedtime so she is grumpy with me!!!! this is an aunty Lou peace offering!!! lol!!!)
I didn'r have any acetate covers so i popped some patterned paper through my laminator in a laminating pocket!! genius!!! it looks so cute and i get to decide what paper to choose
I cut come plain paper and lined paper and put them in alternate order ( anyone one with little people will know they love writing and drawing in books!!!) and popped them all in my BIA and punched and binded them, awwwwww so cute!! then I decided I needed to put me a little pen in there ( a little 3 year old lady needs to accesorise you know) so I use da bit of ther patterned paperto match and made a pen holder out of it to keep the pen in the book, I popped a little ribbon and bow on the front and hey prestaroonie it was done!!!! cute !! The card is my nephews birthday card! do you ever regret ringing to see what card your nephew wants?......I did when my brother said 'oh he would love a primeval one' argggghhhhhh!!! panic sets in for 24 hours and then I came up with this!! the evil dinosaurs pop out from the base on foam squares and are covered with 3d glaze, the characters and the words primeval are just layered up and glazed, I quite like it and boys cards are tough so this one will pass for me!!!!!
right its bedtime just about for me so thankyou for noseying in!!!!!