Monday 31 December 2012

Gorjuss Bear Skin.....

Stamp-Bear Skin
Stamp-Bear Skin

Morning everyone!!
I hope you are all having a fabulous monday and are looking forward to new year? I don't celebrate new year so I will be tucked up all sleepy in bed when the new year comes in!!

It's my turn to  DT post over on the Dies to Die For blog his morning I have another Gorjuss girl to share with you all. They are still on sale in the dies to die for shop and this little Bear skin is just £5, I absolutely adore her. She is a kling mounted rubber stamp so she stamps like a dream.

I kept my colours simple (...because they were the ones still sat in my pencil case from working away friday night!! ) so the whole image is coloured on soft brown and pink promarkers.

The colours of my stamped Gorjuss matched beautifully with some of the papers from Lily bee Designs Persnickety paper pad....almost to gorgeous to use but they went so well I made myself use them instead of stroke them!! romfl!!! and oh my!! that May Arts crocheted velvet centre ribbon....swoooooon! I love it!! 

Well that's it from me today folks!! I am not up to much of anything today as Mo and I are still desperately trying to shake off this weird chesty cough bug, its awful. I seem to be winning as I have picked up a little today but poor little Mo is coughing his little head off and sporting a wonderful green runny nose, poor chap. We might have to take a little trip to the drop in centre this morning and see if he needs some antibiotics to help him along.

Have a wonderful new year! and I will see you in 2013!!! Its so hard to believe another year has whizzed by!!!!
Thank you for popping in on me!

Hugs Lou xxxx

Friday 28 December 2012

My first altered candle!!

Stamp- Free Hugs from Dies to Die For.
Candle- £1 from trusty poundshop :)
Morning peeps!!!
Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday!! I am actually lost for days! Chrimbles has fried my already useless little brain and all day yesterday I thought it was wednesday....that was until my old boss rang to arrange what time I am working this afternoon!!!!romfl!! I am so glad he rang as I was so sure it wasn't for another day!!! he he he he!!!

So last night to help my brain settle down I got back into crafty mode and decided to make my first altered candle with my Free Hugs Saturated Canary stamp. I keep seeing these gorgeous candles people have been making with their stamps and thinking to myself I want to do it but never took the plunge!! I am so pleased I did because it was so much fun. I need to practice my colouring on the tissue paper a bit to get nicer blends of colours  because its so different to working on my normal promarker paper choice but thats all part of the fun of stamping in a different way.

I got 3 of these pillar candles from the poundshop before christmas so you can probably expect to see another 2 candles popping up soon!! 

Right, I am off to get dressed and get another load of washing on...its funny how behind you get with 3 days off the laundry for christmas!!!! and Mo is busy learning 'furbish' with his new furby!! its quite funny!! he asked for breakfast by telling me
" mummy I am ay-tay for some coco pops please" 

Thank you for popping in on me
Huge hugs Lou xxx

Thursday 27 December 2012

Funky Project Life !!!

Papers- Christmas Tree from funkyhand.
Afternoon Peeps!!!
I am so sorry there are tumbleweeds floating by on my blog this week but  have been soaking up the family time!!!!!

I have had the most wonderful christmas, despite us all being sick with the chesty cough fluey virus that has been doing the rounds of everyone!! and we treated ourselves to photoshop elements 11 which is fab!! I bought myself a template pack for project life and got busy this morning on a little layout of my fav christmas piccies.

I have to warn you all I am completely addicted to this now!! its so much fun! and how cute do those papers from Funky Hand look?! I am so excited about finding a new way to use those stunning digi papers that Anice designs, I can't wait to do some more layouts!!!

And even better!!! there's a sale going on over in the Funky Hand shop.....
Sale. 50% off everything!*
There's a whopping 50% off all online purchases until 2nd Jan 2013 so quick!! go shopping!! and just to give you an idea of the bargain prices, that makes the download I used for this layout just £1.25!!

Right, I am off to eat a few ferrerro rocher choccies and watch the men of the house playing on Lego Lord of the rings!! its too much fun to miss!!

Thank you for popping in on me!
Huge hugs Lou xxxx

Sunday 23 December 2012

Its a wrap!!!...

 Its a wrap!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Morning Peeps!
Its all been a bit quiet in Lou world because I have been getting myself all ready for chrimbles, wrapping everything up and spending time with my gorgeous family.....

please excuse Poppy's demonic eyes!!lol!!

So, I haven't really been doing much crafting, I've been a bit poorly and not feeling up to much of anything and just incase the next couple of days dissappear in a blur of busy christmassy activity in our little house without me blogging I want to send my love and christmas hugs out to you all and say a huge thank you to you all for popping in on my little waffles and pictures. I can't tell you how much you all mean to me, I have made some super special friends through this little cyber porthole of mine and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

Have a wonderful christmas, Mo and I are going to snaffle up some toasted plum loaf for our breakfast now and then its a day of visiting some of our gorgeous family before Mo has a party this afternoon (its a disco party so he will be super chuffed, he loves to boogie!!)

Huge mistletoe hugs and kisses
Lou xxxxx

Tuesday 18 December 2012

LOTV Baby Blanket...awwwww!!

Morning peeps....well just into afternoon really but hey ho!!!! at least I am here!!! romfl!!!

I am feeling so much better today, still icky coughy but no accompanying dizzy head and achiness so I am on the mend me thinks!! and thats a good job as  had a couple of chrimbles orders to get finished!!

I stamped and paper pieced, coloured and added fun flock to the little blanket of my stamped baby blankets over a week ago but never got any further than that with all the poorlies and busy in our house so it was a relief to get some crafty time this morning whilst furball princess snoozled away in her crate.

I absolutely adore this little stamp, its one of my absolute favs and just so cute. These 2 cards are for my friend's little boy to give to his Godparents ( he is also absolutely gorgeous and one of mine and mo's fav little people, he's so cute you could eat him up!!)

a bit of Lou fiddly foo later and there were 2 super cute little cards sitting looking at me from the mess that was formerly my craft desk and is now an explosion of stuff!!! he he he!!!

So how are you all getting on with your chrimbliness anyway?! I am super behind with everything, haven't even made my own christmas cards yet...oooops!! must get on with that and the present wrapping is going to do itself tonight while I!!! 

Thank you so much for popping in on me,
Huge hugs Lou xxxxx

Monday 17 December 2012

Lord Timmie Tag!!

Hello Peeps! 
I am really late in today! my weekend was full of awesome carol concerts at church and birthday fun for my little Mo and a wicked chesty cough and lergy for us all!!! grrrr!!! so I am late in getting my little Dies to Die For DT make for you all done today..... 2 paracetemol and a good old swig of covonia at 6pm and I felt well enough to go crafty ahead!!!

Its a bit of Tim Holtz for you all today! I am behind with my gift wrapping and wanted some really nice gift tags to go on top of the kraft paper I am going to be wrapping with this year. 

I popped the little reindeer mover and shaper into my bookplate and tag die and placed my MME paper so that it cut him out down in the corner, that left a gorgeous reindeer silhouette when I mounted it onto my Kraft card.Then I cut the 25 and a tattered pine cone out and distress inked them to give them some colour. I punched a circle out and mounted the 25 onto it then crackle accents the numbers.

I ripped a scrap of the kraft card and glued it to the top of my tag and the fir cone fitted perfectly in the little hole at the top of the tag. It looks so cute and the MME All is bright paper was just a gorgeous match with it yummy doily pattern. I can't wait to pop this tag on someone's gift.

Right, I am off back to mooching around and feeling sorry for myself!! romfl!!!
Huge hugs Lou xxx

Saturday 15 December 2012

Cake a la Lego's!!!

Hiyah Peeps!!
yup, its me limping in for a bloggy post! I have been so busy this week with one thing and another that I have neglected you all!!!

So tomorrow is the little guy's birthday...(I am actually in denial because I just can't believe that he got to 8 years old already....) but with the birthday looming it was time for mummy to get her finger out and get cooking!!!

Anyone who knows Mo will know he LOVES lego so I just had to do him a lego related cake.  We asked him what flavour cake he wanted ( mummy was hoping for him to want vanilla so she could cheat and use ready made icing but noooooo....!) but he wanted squishy chocolate covered cake ( in Mo code thats a chocolate cake covered with chocolate buttercream!) so there was no way for me to hide my dodgy buttercream icing skills!!! but I think it looks really cute!

I decided I needed a burglar theme as my Aunty Sally bought Mo 2 emergency services lego sets when she came to visit and Mo absolutely adores them, he plays with them all the time so I bought a little thief and police set with the idea of having a thief steal the slice of cake!! he he he!! I love this!!!!
and here's the hole that cheeky little guy made before he ran off with the slice of cake...
and here's a view from the top of the cake....
he he he he!!! Mo loves it!! the best thing is I have been busy this week making a few cakes and cake pops for friends and he didn't actually realise this cake was his until we told him a few minutes ago! he was so excited. And I was so super happy to cheer the little guy up because this is him today.....
Yup! Mo is sick....again!!!...Do you know out of all of his birthdays this little guy has been sick for 7 of them!!! We have super rested him today so we hope he will be a bit better tomorrow, his biggest worry was that he couldn't go to a football party :( poor dude :( but the super gorgeous lovely mummy from the party sent him a little selection box and that cheered him up a lot!

Right, must dash as I need to get some pictures printed out for work tonight as the children want to make their christmas cards and a birthday card each for their mum. I took some photographs of them a few weeks ago so we are all good to go! just need card and glue!!!

Thank you for popping in on me,
Huge hugs Lou xxxx 

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Tiddly Inks challenge 100- Make it like Pop's!!!

Papers- DCWV Nanna's Nursery baby boy.
Morning Peeps!!
well a slightly stressed Lou finally gets her blog post up this morning!!!!! I was so almost without a make for this weeks Make it like Pop's challenge over on the Tiddly Inks challenge blog but I saw an awesome tutorial from Yani this morning that got me spurted to finish of my make!!
So the challenge this week is make it like Pop's and this is the card we have for inspiration....swoooooon!!!
I love the make it like someone challenges. I went with the layout on the front of Pop's stunning card, the blue colours, oval matting and yummy flowers. It was so going to be an easel card too but then I saw the tutorial and it just had to be a gorgeous box!!!

Here's a bit of a sidey view!!

 and here's the box inside.......
it was so much fun to make and I have 2 more finished ones on my desk and another in progress as Mo wanted to learn how to do it!! There's a linky to the tutorial up at the top under my first piccy.

Right, I am going to relax with a cuppa now as my drive home was grrrrrrrr!! There was an ambulance with lights flashing coming towards me as I came home and though there was the empty turning lane in the middle of the road it is slippy and icy out on the roads this morning so I pulled over to allow the ambulance oodles of room. Cue the person behind you gives you the whole hands up moaning at you thing when you pull over to let an ambulance pass safely :( have to admit to being so cross with said angry brooklands auto man with car on back of lorry that I flicked him the v sign. I think he had to wait a whole 30 seconds to let it pass, grrrrrrrrrrr. I am a little bit ashamed that my little flicky finger v sign did not stay on my lap where it should of been but people like that seriously upset me. I am the dopey kind of person that see's an ambulance with flashing lights and goes into auto drive in my mind for the safety of the person who is either in the ambulance or who the ambulance is trying to get to.Urgh!! vent over!!

On a happier note!! The princess Furball was most impressed with a frosty walk on the playing field near Mo's school this morning. Frozen clumps of grass are awesome for throwing from ones furball princess mouth giving one the air of a real tomboy and oh my gosh how much fun is frozen grass root to dig up??! wag my tail, nibble, woof, waggle some more, snuffle snuffle into grass and yey!! a muddy nose and frosty sprinkles all over her face later and she happily trotted on with said grass root hanging out of her mouth!!...might I add she is now zonked out on her cosy rug after all that fun!!!

have an awesome day peeps and thank you for popping in on me,
huge hugs Lou xxxxx

Monday 10 December 2012

Free Hugs?......

Stamp- Free Hugs.
Nestabilities- Floral Ovals.
Morning Peeps,
How are you all this chilly, grey morning?! I am great. I had an awesome weekend which always makes me feel fabulous for a few days afterwards!!

We had a wonderful family day out on saturday. We went for a drive to the garden centre and bought myself a couple of treats with some pennies my gorgeous Aunty Sally had sent for me (they are in yesterdays bloggy post!!!) and on sunday we went to church to see the children's christmas show and it was fabulous. Mo loved it and thought it was "awesome"!! then to top off a wonderful weekend I went to visit my dear friend sarah's new baby, Lily Isabella, and she is just so delicious I could eat her up. Mo adores her already and has great plans to take her shopping to toys r us and get her some baby girl toys!! awwww!!!

So onto my make for today!! Its my turn to do my DT post over on the Dies to Die For inspiration blog and I am sure you will of heard the whoops for miles when I opened my DT box of yummy treats and Free hugs was sat there looking at me, ya'll know I am Saturated Canary addicted!!!!

I love easel cards so knew I wanted to do an easel and use the stunning new Nestabilities Floral Ovals so I cut the biggest one for my stamp and the littlest one for my easel stopper. The littlest one has a really cute little flower that embosses into it but with my super pants taking a picture of easel cards ability it super tough to see!! on a serious note if any of you have any tips on taking pictures of easel cards I need your help!! this was around the 9th photo I had taken and I had lost the will by then so that's the piccy you got!! he he he!!!

Right then, I must get a move on! I have a little guy to get umfed for school, (he is adamant this morning that he should stay home and go see Sarah again!!!!) and I have cake pops to make for my staff meeting tonight, Mo has chosen colourburst candy melts for me to ice them with so they will look pretty!!

Have a fabulous day peeps and thank you so much for popping in on me.
Huge hugs Lou xxxxx

Sunday 9 December 2012

Silent Saturday!!!!

                                                                       <3 p="p">

Thursday 6 December 2012

Saturated Canary challenge 32... Hot Chocolate and marshmallows!

Afternoon Peeps!!
Hopefully Mr. Blogger has played nicely and posted this little scheduled post for me, he's been a bit of a monkey recently so I hope he behaved today!! Today is my 4 year bloggyversary too! I love my blog so thank you for all popping in to see what I have been up to xxxx

Its time for a fabby new challenge over on the Saturated Canary challenge blog and this week its our Pop's driving the challenge train!! she chose us an awesome theme of..
Hot chocolate and Marshmallows!!

Ooooh I loved it!! there are so many ways you could use that theme, like the colours of marshamallows and chocolates but I went for a more literal approach of....Hot chocolate and Marshmallows!! he he he!!!

This little gift is for my niece, Lily-Boo. I am just making another one at the minute for my nephew too. They love Hot chocolate......(though they had a yukky experience when they tried nesquik chocolate milkshake as hot chocolate earlier in the week!! my sisters facebook status had me giggling for a few minutes!!!)

Aren't those papers just delish?!! I am so in love with them!! They are from Pink Petticoat, linky up at the top. I punched a circle of it for the top of the jar and then a band for the lid and middle of the jar, I love those cute hearts and reindeer's!!! he he he!!

I filled a little jar with cadbury's drinking chocolate powder, some red glimmer sugar and marshmallows and then screwed on the lid.

Then I punched 'Latte' out cropping her a bit so there is kinda just her head!! poor girl!!! and coloured her up all chrimbley. Now I know its supposed to be a latte in her hand but I think she's just perfick for hot choccy days too!!! she's so cute with her super smiley face. A good old bit of twine to attach her to the jar and she was all done. This is such a cute gift idea, I can't wait to see Boo and Jake's face because they love the weird stuff Aunty Lou comes up with!!!

Have fun with Pop's fabalicious theme and don't forget...... to join in you must use either a:
Saturated Canary Digi
Saturated Canary rubber stamp, 
or Simply Sassy rubber stamp
Right, well I will be along to pop in on you all tonight when I have gotten home from work and had some tea!!
Thank you  so much for popping in on me
Huge hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday 4 December 2012

The Conductor...

Morning peeps!!!

Its a super quicky post from me today as I am off out to fetch mum for meeting grandad but I just had to share the new image Christy has released for you The Conductor.

He's just so adorable!! I had to colour him up straight away!!
I am popping his little cuteness over on the challenge on the Papertake Weekly challenge blog which is anything goes.
be back later with more deets!!
huge hugs Lou xxxx

Monday 3 December 2012

Shopping Ivy....

Morning All!!

Here I am with another chrimbly make, I can't get enough of them this week as I am so excited about christmas!! Its raining here...blurgh!! so later I am going to take my little furball princess for a quick walk around the nature reserve this morning on the way to have a cuppa with a dear friend. There are many walks around the reserve but the one I am going on is just 20 mins long which is prefect for little furball princess leggies!! I have plenty of little treats nestled in her little pink treat pouch as I am still setttling her into her halti lead, which she is taking to beautifully but loves the occasional paw to get it off!! cheeky pudding!!

For this card I used CC Designs Shopping Ivy she is fab isn't she?!! I just had to colour her up in traditional christmas colours with my promarkers.

The papers are from the First Edition Festive Treats pad , with a length of gorgeous Sparkle edge gold trim(this trim is totally delicious!!) across the centre. I also added a cute bit of Loop Border over the top edge of the trim because it does so look like christmas lights and I love it.......I am actually a little addicted to it at the moment!!! oh and there just had to be some use of my fav doily die too!! its the Cheery Lynn French Pastry die.

And here's a piccy of my little guy with his nativity this weekend, it is his fav advent activity as it is something he shares with me dear cyber friend Shirley. he looks forward to the 1st december from october onwards and this year he was super pleased as there were camels!! oh my you have never heard such glee as those camel boxes getting opened!! 
....yes he is still into pirates too!! he has had that poster behind the head of his bed for 4 years now! it used to have a black frame and he was devastated when I knocked it dusting one day and it fell and broke :( (luckily the pirate map was totally fine so that stopped the tears!) and every single night we have to pick an island to go to in our dreams. I LOVE that, its so cute!!

You will have to excuse my gushy mamma moments!!I just love this little guy so much!! we had an awesome weekend.
After a couple of years of being terrified of the water ( due a not so nice swimming teacher experience when Mo was 3) We searched around and found some lovely swim teachers and after 10 weeks of lessons. He has had to start from scratch because of his fear and nerves but and yesterday Mo got his 5 metre badge at swim club.

I was so proud because he sobbed when his teacher sent him to try out for it but after a little teacher and Mo pep talk he got in and swam just over 5 metres, he didn't make it to 10 but that didn't matter because proud mamma was already in tears watching and Daddy could not believe his eyes.....his swim teacher was so proud because he knew Mo would be able to achieve that if he could just relax in the water, Yey!! go Mo!!!

Right I have waffled on enough!!

Thank you all so much for popping in on me,Huge hugs Lou xx

Friday 30 November 2012

Funky Inks blog Hop!!!

Image- Little Bugg.

Morning everyone!!
Well the super exciting day is here!!! are you ready to get Finky with us all?!!

The awesome talents of Funky Hand’s Anice and Tiddly Inks Christy have come together, along with their gorgeous DT’s to have a little fun collaboration blog hop and showcase Anice’s delicious papers with Christy’s awesome images. You should of come to me from Karen’s blog so If I am your first stop please check out the hop order over on the Christy's blog or Anice's blog so you don’t miss any info you need!

So, why Hop you ask? Well, there will be a lovely prize from Anice and Christy for their stores and a whole tonne of inspiration from a team of gorgeous crafters who have put together some mouth watering yumminess to share with you all. You will have until December 3rd at 12am CST to comment on the blogs for our fabulous Tiddly Inks Prize of a $20 gift certificate to any digital item in the Tiddly Inks Store!  and a £20 voucher from FunkyHand .YOU won't want to miss it.

I love digital crafting…why? Because all the favourite papers I love never run out! Super yey!! And the images never miss a part when stamping!! Its a dream crafting date so what more could we ask!!

So on my card today I used Christy's Little Bugg, and Anice's Papers- Rainbow Polka Dots.
and Steam Funk. I paper pieced the little red polka dot paper onto my super cute little bugg and then nestied her into a circle shape and made a card base with some black polka dotted paper from the Rainbow Polka dots download and the text paper from Steam Funk download, the text paper is actually full of wonderful crafty words!
I tore a little bit on the right edge and tucked some more polka dots behind it and then added a little twine bow.
I also added a cute bit of Loop Border, I love how that came out! just as loopy as me!! he he he!!! and there are some teeny flowers and fronds just nestling at the bottom of her feet and the sentiment came from the Die-namics Airplane greetings stamp set.

So now please hop on over to Larissa’s blog to see what she has to share with us all!!

 Don’t miss anyone out because I've seen them all and they are just awesome, I cannot tell you how proud I am to be a part of these 2 design teams, their creativity just knocks my socks off.

Thank you for popping in on me today.
Huge hugs Lou xxxxxx

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Tiddly Inks challenge 99- make it like Marlena...

Image- Faythe Gives and Yummy Paper set.
Morning Peeps!!
Its that Tiddly time of week again where the Tiddly Inkers rock your socks off with some gorgeous creations and challenge you to get your Tiddly thang going over on the Tiddly Inks challenge blog :) I am a squidge late in writing my post because little Mo slept in until 6:45am...he he he! love my little human alarm clock!! luckily the smaller black furball princess alarm clock woke Scott up at 5am so he got to work on time!!!

Its another fun challenge showcasing design team member Marlena. I love these challenges and used Marlena's card as a sketch for my creation this week.

So here's Marlena's gorgeous card to inspire you.....
Remember you can use the sketch, the colours or the image for inspiration!!  That leaves this creation wide open.  Please join us using a Tiddly Inks image and you could win a gift certificate to the Tiddly Inks store or possibly be a feature on our Fabulous Friday post! 

I used the super cute new Faythe that Christy released earlier this week, I absolutely love her! ( heck, I LOVE everything Christy draws!!!) I teamed her up with some of Christy's papers and went all out christmassy. I have to say I really love her hair, I did it ginger and curly, squee too cute!! Mum bought me the wired ribbin across the centre ages ago and its gorgeously shiny. I embossed the circle of red card behind her with my snowflakes embossing folder and added a little MS branch punch and card candi to make some holly to match the papers. 

And to remind you of something exciting for friday too....

Please join the Tiddly Inks crew and the Funky Hand group for a wonderfully fun blog hop!  PRIZES will be available from both companies and their will be a oodles of inspiration!  You can start at Funky Hand orTiddly Inks - so don't forget to join us!!!

So thats me for today peeps!

I am off out for a drive in the rain with my mum to meet my grandad for our weekly cooked breakfast. The way we normally go is closed off as the river has flooded so we are going through town today instead and then after that when I get home I have a few card orders to get finished off.

Have a super duper day peeps and thank you so much for popping in on me
huge hugs Lou xxxx

Monday 26 November 2012


Stamps- Gorjuss Girls Daisy clear stamp set.
Pens- Promarkers.
Morning Peeps!!
hope you are all having an awesome start to your week. I am sharing a gorgeous little autumn coloured card with you this morning.
I love this Gorjuss girl set. The lovely little daisies around the edge of her are included in the set and she is a bargain too at just £5 from Dies to Die For.
The fab loopy border came in my DT box too but I can't find where in the shop so I will have to get back to you all when I find it!!!
Here's a little pile o pens!!!
Right I had better get myself moving as I have 3 dogs and 3 small peeps to sort out this morning!!!
Huge hugs Lou xxxx

Sunday 25 November 2012


Morning all!!

I have had a couple of emails from lovely followers to check I am ok because I haven't blogged much over the last couple of days, firstly I want to say a big thank you to those 2 peeps and how lovely of you to take the time to send me an email xxx
Ok so my lack of weekend bloggying at the moment is due to this cute little guy up there ^and this gorgeous guy down here...
and this furball princess right here......
I am not ashamed in the least to say my crafting world stops at the weekend for these guys and I suck up every little bit of time I have to spend with them because I have been blessed with a truly awesome little family that I adore.

What are you all up to today? we have swimming lessons for Mo, puppy class for poppy and then Mo and I are going on a little sleepover with the children I used to nanny for so its a fun day here!!
huge hugs Lou xxxx

Thursday 22 November 2012

Saturated Canary challenge 31...Sketch!!!!

Image- Christmas Angel from Saturated Canary.

Afternoon Peeps!!

How are you all today? fabby I hope.I am off work for 2 days and have had a huge snoozle today!! I just laid down with Poppy for 5 mins and oops a couple hours later I woke up!!...well actually it was 3 hrs later!! but I musta needed it because I feel quite refreshed now!

Its time for a new challenge over on the Saturated Canary challenge blog and its little ole me setting you all up this month with a little sketcharoonie....
I hope you like it, its very simples because thats how I make my cards!!

I chose Christmas Angel for my card, I just love her and so need to crack on with some chrimblieness now santa time is zooming in!!

Here is a piccy from a different light too so you can see the colours a bit better...
I adore the sparklies though!! its just a little sakura stardust pen but its fab!!!

I used the Die-namics medium leafy flourish to pop behind the little image oval and just tucked some bits over too. The border is my Sweet lovely lace doo hickey die and those yummy papers are from the First Edition Festive Treats pad . I also added a squidge of lace and a charm from my stash draw (....Poppy seized the moment when I opened the draw and stole a pink ball of crochet ribbon too....had great fun chasing her round the garden and rolling up said ball of pink crochet ribbon afterwards.....)

I'll pop back in and add a pile o pens piccy when I have picked Mo up, running out of time due to lazy snooziness!!!!!

Have fun with the sketch and don't forget to join in, You must use either a:
Saturated Canary Digi
Saturated Canary rubber stamp, 
or Simply Sassy rubber stamp

ooooh and while I remember please could consider turning off word verification and enabling comment moderation instead please, its so hard to work out those word jumbles and after the 3rd or 4th try I must admit to loosing the will to try again and I don't want to miss commenting on your gorgeous cards/makes.

Thank you for popping in on me!
huge hugs Lou xxx