Saturday 6 December 2008

oooh I love linda's lace edge card cutfile!!!

My littlest man is feeling poorly again today!! he had to get a flu jab as he has asthma and is wombling around the house feeling sad with (in his words) 2such a sore leggy and a sicky tummy" he is supposed to be at a party bt didn't want to go, poor little chap!! he has had his fair share of lergys recently!!

Anyway on a less sickly note,this is the card I made using Linda's lace edge card cutfile. I really enjoyed making this card, it is for my mum in law to give to her mum who lives in australia. I have had the file for ages but hadn't gotten round to using it until this week. Thankyou so much Linda I love this ( you can find Linda's blog in my bloglist, called ' just for sharing'.

I used Linda's file, TBBM and some ribbon and a little santa from a packet of embellies my mum bought me ages ago!!! ( i love using bits from my stash!!)

Making a new blog!!! taking me ages!!!

Well, after making 2 mini blogs and still thinking they were a little boring I have decided to make yet another!!
this is goign to be the one I add posts too from now on so my apologies for all the other ones I have been attempting!!!
I love all the other blogs I go to so am trying this, It just seems a bit more creative than the other templates I have used before!!!
So wish me luck!!! and please post comments occasionally so I know people have popped by!!!!!!