Saturday, 6 December 2008

oooh I love linda's lace edge card cutfile!!!

My littlest man is feeling poorly again today!! he had to get a flu jab as he has asthma and is wombling around the house feeling sad with (in his words) 2such a sore leggy and a sicky tummy" he is supposed to be at a party bt didn't want to go, poor little chap!! he has had his fair share of lergys recently!!

Anyway on a less sickly note,this is the card I made using Linda's lace edge card cutfile. I really enjoyed making this card, it is for my mum in law to give to her mum who lives in australia. I have had the file for ages but hadn't gotten round to using it until this week. Thankyou so much Linda I love this ( you can find Linda's blog in my bloglist, called ' just for sharing'.

I used Linda's file, TBBM and some ribbon and a little santa from a packet of embellies my mum bought me ages ago!!! ( i love using bits from my stash!!)


  1. Hi Lucy
    Gorgeous card I love the mulberry paper background. I saw your question re blogs on the MB, if you pop onto my blog and go to playlist on the right hand side and click on it it will take you to where you can set up your own music playlist. Most of the add ons have somewhere to click for you to add them to your own blog, Hope that makes sense! Welcome to blogland!!



  2. I love your card...and Great job on your blog!!


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