Monday 1 June 2015

Hop you have a nice day...

Stamps- TGF Hoppy Hello.

Hi everyone! I am trying my best to type my bloggy post today because I am an actual zombie after work last night but oooooh I just had to share these little bunnies, another set to add to my super awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww collection!!

Aren't they just so sweet? a little colouring, a little paper piecing and hey presto!!you got 2 cute lil bunnies!!

Its my birthday today!! Mo wrapped me up the little me to you bear he won at the arcade in his cars blanket for my present and drew me the cutest card!!! and Scott drew me his own card too.... did I tell y'all how much I love my guys???!!! 

I am going to spend a bit of time spending my birthday pennies in the Dies to Die for shop and count down the hours until I fetch my lil guy from school ( there's just over an hour to go, I hate the first day back but he was happy as larry to go back...apart from the new school shoes which may take him a couple of days to adjust 'they are too plumfy'.....!!!!

Thank you for popping in

Huge hugs Lou xxx