Wednesday 31 December 2014

Big Girl Pants......

Image- Big Girl Pants from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Papers- Crate Paper Oh Darling.
and...totally enabling y'all...

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Afternoon peeps!!

How are you all? I hope you are all ready and fired up for the new year, I am going to wish you all an uber duber happy new year. We don't really bother with it all in our house but this year Mo asked what it was so we told him we will wake him up at 11:45pm to see the new year in...chances are he will just stay asleep and mumble something but we are still going try to get him up and have a little warm milk and chocklit snack with him to celebrate!!

I saw an image a few days ago that so reminded me of Mo Manning's Big Girl Pants image that I just had to print her out and have a play with her. I have a friend going through a really tough time at the minute so went for a good old 'cheer you up' and I'm thinking of you card. I absolutely adore how this turned out.

I hope it raises a smile when she gets it! its just such a lovely image for a cheer you up 'cos you're feeling pants card!!

Right, must dasheroo! I have a washing machine full of clean laundry to hang out on the airer...way too cold for outside drying here!! and another load to get in...which will mean a mountain of ironing for this afternoons job! I don't mind at all though, I love ironing!

Huge hugs and Happy new year!
Lou xxxx