Monday 25 December 2017

Christmas Surfer Tot (PRECOLORED).......

Sentiment- Warmest Wishes.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I hope you've all been having magical days. I know I have....and that's why I am uber late in posting my Dream Team make this week...but hey...them Big Man in the Red Coat comes first!! he he!! He arrived at our house at 4:15am this morning (......which was actually good going for Little Mo! he's normally found that Santa's sneaked in earlier than that!!!!) and we have had a wonderful day of playing with gifts, relaxing, yummy food and snuggles as well as Mo getting time to have a play online with his BF and me mount the stamps from my Magnolia Calendar kit! go family!!!!

I had so much fun making this little lollipop greeting using the super sweet Christmas Surfer Tot (PRECOLORED). I love these little pre-colours Maurie is starting to add to the store. I know this week I have been rushed off my feet with one thing and another so the ease of just printing out ready to go was a dream.

So, let's talk printing settings for these pre-colour images...I use Diamond White card and I print using a 'glossy paper' setting and the print quality on 'High'. I can use high quality because I won't be adding any promarker pens colour to the image.

Let's take a closer look at how this cutie came out............

The little sentiment came from the image,  Warmest Wishes. I just love the font on that sentiment so much.

I added some super fun ruffle ribbon (...I LOVE this ribbon!! it's perfect for making lollipop greetings) and some twine with some teeny weeny bells sewn onto it! ooooooooooooooooh the cuteness!!!!

Oh, I do so hope your days have been magical everyone. I am going to go and get a lovely hot bath and pop my pj's on for the rest of the night. Mo has asked if he can stay up late...his exact words were ..."Can I stay up a little late tonight Mummy?" , to which I replied "Yes of course poppet" and his little reply was "Cool!! I've always wanted to stay up until 7pm"....sigh...yes 13 year old little guy wants to stay up late....until 7pm????? bwah ha ha ha ha!!! but it is so super sweet I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't a very late night!!!!

Thank you for popping in, Huge hugs Lou xxx