Sunday 8 July 2018


Image- Kalei from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Papers- Aloha from Snap,click,supply.

Morning peeps!!

I am soooo pants at sitting on my Monday dream team make but anyone who knows me and my Moana/ Lilo and Stitch obsession will totally get why I adore this card!! there really is just something magical to me about Hawaii and their traditions and dances that just captivate a dafty Lou and Moana are pretty rocking chicks!!! so again.. I can't wait and you guys who follow my blog get her today!!!! 

So I just let myself pootle for a super fun colouring few minutes with Kalei from Mo's Digital Pencil (...yup....that says few minutes and it really was, I colour fast with my promarkers and then have mega fun with card bases!!!), but she is so seriously sweet to colour up. A little heads up though, she is in the Retiring Images section of Mo's shop so get her quick if you want her!!! 

Right, now I've got that urge to share my make quick I am going to go food shopping!! lol! oooh the exciting life I lead!! but first I may have to put a top on because I am currently walking round in my trousers and compression bra because it's so hot!!! oohh and a quick Boobenstien update!!! we are doing well, all dressings off and healing very nicely. My results weren't quite ready so I still don't know what they are but I'll let you all know as soon as I do. I think they will be just tickety-boo though!! here is how we looked on Wednesday, such a difference to the week before. 

Yey!! I'm getting there!! ...even if I did put 1lb on weigh in yesterday!!! right, I really must go food shopping now!!

Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xxx