Sunday 28 October 2012

50th birthday card...

Evening Peeps!!
ooooh I am in by the skin of my teeth for a bloggy post tonight as we have just had such a wonderful day I almost forgot to post!

Please excuse the card piccy too because I took it with my phone. I made this card for a friend to give to her husband a couple of weeks ago for his 50th birthday. He loves being outdoors and does a lot of hiking and ski-ing in his spare time (...which isn't very much spare time so I know he really enjoys it when he does get chance to go).

I cut the 50 from some map paper and used it for the background too. The little forest along the bottom was cut from my plantin schoolbook cart. I did one larger than the other to make the forest look deep!!! :) and of course I just had to use a super duper LOTV boy to swing into outdoor action on the 50.

I added a little sentiment with my pooter and a little heart on twine along the bottom, its so hard to keep something manly!!!

Scott and I have just finished watching 'Wrath of the Titans', I really enjoyed it. Last night we watched 'Charlie St Cloud' and oh my gosh I adore that film, it was such a gorgeous film to watch and yup I cried like a big girls blouse almost all the way through it!!!!

Right cuppa and snoozles for me now I think!! the clock change didn't work too well for the furball princess who wanted her brekkie early and the small 7 yr old who wanted morning snuggles whilst mummy and daddy were still totally dopey this morning!!!!

Thank you for popping in on me!
huge hugs Lou xxx