Monday 25 April 2011

diamond wedding anniverary piccy!!

 Hello peeps!!!!

so here we all are at the diamond wedding annivesary of scott's nanna and grandad. It was the most amazing day and I loved every minute!!
I don't normally like having my picture taken at all but I am ok when my oldest and fabby friend Leah is clicking away.
I am the chick sat on the grass and scott is the gorgeous guy stood on the left in the blue checked shirt. Mo is next to me and Ryan is on the floor on the right hand side in the same clothes as Mo. They are so funny like that wanting to wear the same clothes but I am actually cherishing it at the moment as I bet it won't last much longer ( lou sobs into her cuppa!!!)

And here is a little piccy of  Little Mo taking a picture of Aunty Leah taking a picture of him!!! soooo cute!!!!
(...oooh yeah and thats me too!!!!)

There are too many totally awesome piccies for me to share in one post so I might share a few more later in the week, Leah is so darn clever!! Here is Leah's Redbubble site if you fancy a peek at some more of her piccies.

Off to snuggle on the settee for a bit now before I  get an early night! back to work tomorrow!!
huge hugs Lou xxxx