Sunday 24 May 2009

Yey!!!! finished my book and I love it!!!!

I have been busy today!!!
Firstly I went for a bike ride to check out biking to work on thursday as scott is going to the golf open and will need the car, I only work 10 mins car drive away but have to take little mo on the bike with me so thought I would try and find a quieter route than the normal busy one, I wombled down some farm tracks to get there, they were quite hilly, a lovely bike ride but not all that suitable for mo on his little bike seat in front o me so we will be oging the normal way!!! lol!!! as for mo, he has the tummy lergy everyone seems to be getting at the moment and has had a pretty ykky afternoon, bless him.
So I got on with the book I needed to make for sam to give her friend for her birthday. I decided I wanted it to kind of match the card I made for her so got my storybook cart back out and cut the robin in the tree out on my B&Q special wallpaper ( chose the browny leather effect one to match the parcel paper!!) and used my birds and swirls folder again.
Then I cut two covers from a cereal box (...good ole kelloggs!!!) and covered them with parcel paper, I inked the edges :) I made a couple of triangular pockets to stick on the inside of the covers and then popped them in my BIA on the 'cover' setting for punching. I got out some white paper I have had for ages ( it is 6.25" x 8.75") and rounded 2 of the edges and popped that in the BIA on the 'inner pages' setting. For every 10 pages of white I made a parcel paper pocket page ( there are 2 of those pages which make 2 pockets each, you can never have too many pockets!!!!!!) and binded it all together with a 3/4" o wire.
I wrapped a bit of terracotta organza around the middle so it went over the paper but under the tree ( attempt to be design-ery!!!!!) and used 6 of my very lovely new card candy, these ones were out of the 'choclate drops' packet and are a metallicy kind of chocolatey colour, mmmm they are so sweet, love them.
Then I cut a bit of brown,thin leathery lace stuff to tie the book together, I left it long as it is a book for sketches and it may get full so I wanted the lace to be long enough to tie it when it has been used a bit!!!
So I am very pleased with myself for this one as I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to get it done nicely enough. If I get time I want to tryand make a matching pen witha bit of the patterned paper I have left.
I am quite chuffed as my layout used 1 full piece of the same paper and then some little cuts on another piece of the same paper and I have got the birthday card and this book done using the bits lft from my layout ( Lou is pleased with self for being thrifty!!!!! lol !!!!!)
Thankyou for popping in, I am off to bed now to catch some zzzzzz's!!!! xxxxx