Monday 21 November 2016

The one where Monica gets a turkey stuck on her head....

Papers- Studio Calico South of Market.
Dies- Memory Box grapevine wreath.
Turkey drawn by me!!! lol!!!
Hi everyone!! 

I am hoping you are all as friends obsessed as I am so you 'get' this card!! One of my BF's asked if I could make a card for one of her friend's for thanksgiving and of course I jumped at the chance! ( know me! any chance to make a card is a a blessing.) and we were chatting about the Friends episode with the turkey and I wrote to my friend 'I so wish I had an image with a turkey on the head'...........and then the Lou cogs slowly started whirring into gear!!

I didn't have a turkey but I had cute image and mechanism sorted so I had to hand draw a turkey (..yeah, I know peeps, I can't draw for stuffin' but it was good fun to try!!!) and then it was just a case of putting the Lou mind into action so the turkey could do this....
Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!! I LOVE IT!!!!! yup! there is my monica with the turkey on her head!!!! but seriously!! soooo much fun!! everyone needs a make like this in their life!! he he!!

Then I added a nice little wreath with a hanging heart attached to finish it off.

Well, thats the musings of a Lou's mind for today!! I am off to catch some zzzzzzz's now if I can. We are still having a very worrying time in my group of BF's. We are so blessed to live so close together because we are so missing one of us and one of our mini peeps and we are so worried for Theo that our hearts hurt all the time we are awake. 
If you have some space in your prayers please keep Charlotte, Damion, Oscar and baby Theo and all of their family in your prayers and let's see if we can't all work together in our thoughts to get Theo healed. Thank you in advance if you have space to keep us snuggly.

Huge hugs and Love Lou xxxx

I even love the box...

Hi everyone!

Lou in with a make for you today and it just had to be another 1st christmas card for my other BF!! yup! I am a lucky girl because my BF's think of my ovaries and have their babies at the same time to stop my pangs of ever needing another!! he he!!!! 2 years ago my other BF had twins so I am kept at bay!! my girls know how to keep me good!! he he!!!

Theo has been seriously poorly this last week so to keep myself positive yesterday I got to work on his first christmas card.

I even love the box is just so spot on for a first christmas because at 6 months the box is often the best bit to these small peeps we bring into the world! e spend all that time worrying what to get them to make it special and they promptly throw the toy out and enjoy the wrapping!! he he!!!

Thank you for popping in
Huge hugs Lou xx