Monday 2 December 2013

I'm going crackers!!!

Morning everyone!!

OOOOOH I am feeling so christmassy now and this gorgeous Cracker die came in my DT box for me to play with!!

Its a very addicting little die and I think I may have a whole tree full of them by christmas day. For the christmassy one I just added a little lace edge with the Sweet lovely lace Doo Hickey die. I also cut out one of the toppers from the Kaisercraft Just Believe pad and tied a twine bow through one of the red ribbon sliders and then hot glued it to the topper. It looks so pretty.

........ but do you know what was even more fun?!! making little party favours for Mo's friends with it for his birthday party in a couple of weeks! His birthday is on the 16th December so I thought these would make such fun favours!!! and they don't bang which is awesome as Mo does not like cracker bangs!!! he he he!!!
There is enough room in there to squish 3 celebration/Hero's sweets in and a balloon!!! I will try and get some photo's taken of them for you when I have finished them off!!!

And whilst on the subject of the little guy I thought I would share a little piccy of him from yesterday. We had to pick up his new glasses and he has been very worried about them. When we got there the optician said that he really needed to keep them on all day to help his eyes adjust and he was very worried about that but he came through it like an absolute trooper. We took him out for lunch to Handmade Burger for a super treat because he did so well and I bought him a meerkat glasses stand for when he takes them off, its so cute! he had the choice of so many but he loves meerkats so thats what he chose.
Here he is in his new glasses!!!


He looks so sweet!! 
Thank you for popping in on me. I have been a little quiet of late with everything going on but I am hoping to get back to my normal bloggy self soon!
Huge hugs Lou xxxx