Sunday 15 November 2009

Hellllooooo!!! i'm still here!!!

Hello peeps!!!! well my uni assignment has zapped my crafting time for the last couple of weeks but I got it all finished up on friday and sent into cyberspace to be marked!!!! I was so nervous about it, dh had to press the send button!!!!!
So today I finally got some crafting time in!!!!! yey!!!!! on the to-do list today was a birthday card for my little nephew Rufus and a wedding card for my mums friend and I actually managed to get them both done!! ( a miracle for me but i think I was having withdrawal symptoms so the ideas just flowed!!!!)here is Rufus's card!! I was in a cyber mood so I used my paintshop and nitwits collection for him,it turned out soooo cute!! bit hard to see in the picture but the little bear is all layered up and then button is glazed to look real with a bit of doodled stitching around the edges of the coloured mats, inside matches but I forgot to get a piccy of that!!

And here is my Mr and Mrs card!! all done in my CDS ( which took 20 mins to update its bloomin firmware with 2 updates when I wanted to cut!!!!!! )I used base camp, george and nasic shapes and wedding solutions. Its a big card too at 11" high!!!!! (.....Lou suddenly thinks envelope??!!......)lol!!Yesterday we spent pampering scott for his birthday and spending some quality family time together. We took the boys to the cinema to watch beverly hills chihuhua ( bargain fun at £5 for all 4 of us to go!!)

This afternoon we had so much fun hatching our little Eyepet together!! oh he is so much fun, we called him Freddie and the boys love him!!
Tommorow I have the day off so scott and I are going out for lunch together while Mo is at school, this doesn't happen very often for us so as you can imagine I am really excited!!!! I wish you all knew Scott, he is just the most amazing person and I feel blessed to have him in my life.
So I will see you all soon, I am off to blog womble now!
Thank you for popping in on me xxxxx