Wednesday 28 December 2011

SC christmas/winter challenge!

Hello Peeps!!!
Hope you are all fab this evening. I fell asleep watching Charlie and the chocolate factory after putting Mo in bed so I woke up just in time for Grey's Anatomy (......mmmmmmmm, mark and Derek......) and after being traumatised by the death of terry's hubby and general awesome Grey's Anatomy-ness I decided I needed to go craft some!!!

I also realised I haven't entered the christmas/winter challenge over on the SC challenge blog and needed to remedy that first!! so I hit my little folder of Krista loveliness and picked out Thank you as she is oh so cute!!! I didn't fancy making a card so I decided to go for a big juicy tag instead, this one is 5.5" high and around 3" wide and I love this size.

I used some of my good old papermania papers ( i am going to be so sad when these have all gone as I have been eeking them out for 3 chrimbles now!!!) some forest moss distress ink and of course the awesome magnolia swirl stamp!! I love this stamp, Lou made me buy it a couple of years ago (.....Ok, so Lou didn't push me down the stamp aisle...she just sat there making totally awesome stuff with it and I had to go get it!!!!) Oh my goodness, a couple of years ago??? oh my I really need to go see Lou and Chris do their thang again soon!!! Time has run away with me a bit recently.
A bit of bling splonked on at the top edge and bottom edge and a really cute tag for next years stash is all ready to go!! go me!!!!

It felt really nice to do a quick make (....then google Grey's Anatomy to make sure that Mer and Alex are OK in the next episode.....!!) and it cheered me up so much ( thank you Krista, mwah mwah xxxxxx)

Right, going to try and get back to sleep now as a squidgy little Mo-ster will be getting up in around 6 hours!! I am so sure I remember the days of sleeping past 5:30am.........................:)

Huge hugglies and thank you for popping in on me!
Lou xxxxxxx

Pirate Captain Ginger!!

Morning Peeps!!

he he he he!! I know its not paper related but I so had to share my pirate gingerbread man I made last week while I was on Aunty duty!!!! ( on it again today so wonder what the little peeps will fancy doing today?!)

We made a whole batch of gingerbread, cut them out, cooked them and then let it cool. Once they were cool I set the children free with icing pens and sprinkles of many different varieties!! but of course the temptation to do one myself got too great and I had to get making one myself. I asked Mo what I should make and he said a pirate...gulp!! but in the end he turned out real cute!!........then Mo ate him!!!! so pleased I got a piccy first before his quick and swift departure!!!!!

Right better get my self dressed and ready to go pick up Jake and Boo.

huge hugs Lou xxxxx