Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pirate Captain Ginger!!

Morning Peeps!!

he he he he!! I know its not paper related but I so had to share my pirate gingerbread man I made last week while I was on Aunty duty!!!! ( on it again today so wonder what the little peeps will fancy doing today?!)

We made a whole batch of gingerbread, cut them out, cooked them and then let it cool. Once they were cool I set the children free with icing pens and sprinkles of many different varieties!! but of course the temptation to do one myself got too great and I had to get making one myself. I asked Mo what I should make and he said a pirate...gulp!! but in the end he turned out real cute!!........then Mo ate him!!!! so pleased I got a piccy first before his quick and swift departure!!!!!

Right better get my self dressed and ready to go pick up Jake and Boo.

huge hugs Lou xxxxx


  1. Oh Lou this is the coolest gingerbread man I have ever seen ! I love it ! But it's too cute to be eaten I must say !!! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  2. Oh Lou super job done and pleased you got a bit before the fox eat him !!!
    One little comment nose!!! who was the model ?????
    Fi xx

  3. LOL this is so cool, I bet they loved making them, wanna see todays makes too Hugs pops x

  4. Hi my sweetie this looks sooooo yummy I could nibble on him right now...........I'm starving lol. You did a fab job of this shug I'm not great at decoarting cakes etc lol.
    Whether its paper, wool or cakes hun if you have made it then we love to see it sweetie, I love to see all of yours & Mo's makes.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  5. Hihih very funny and yummy!



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