Friday 24 May 2013

A bit exciting....

Morning peeps!!

I hope you are all about to have or have started already a fabulous friday. I got home from my doggy sitting at 7:20am the doggies were awesome but dopey here could not sleep for toffee so I am running on reserve tanks this morning!! he he he he!!!

So this card is just a huge bit exciting for me! I was asked by my friend Vicky if I could make a card for her Grandad's birthday. He likes Lincoln she if it could have something Lincoln on it that would be fab...Lou says yes, I can do that then Vicky says thats good he loves Lincoln and he has just been sworn in as the Mayor of Lincoln.....

The Mayor of Lincoln....omg...and I said yes I can do it? oooh the pressure.......!!! you can imagine how daftly nervous I was about this one then peeps?!! but once i had decided what I was going to do it all came together quite nicely!!

I coloured my little guy dreaming of all things Lincolny to match the Lincoln shield and then hid a cheeky little Lincoln imp in the tree! I added a map and a picture of our cathedral from some old postcards and then a teensy picture of our mayor himself just tucked into the top.

I popped a little key charm on for the keys to the city type thingy and added a little LOTV time to celebrate stamp for Vicky to add his birthday date on.

Its so sweet but omg...for the Mayor?!! I can't tell you how exciting that is for me. Nerve wracking but very very exciting to make a card for the Mayor!

Right I am off to catch up on some sleep as Scott has taken Mo and his breakfast buddy to school and my oldest friend (not in age but time!!) is popping in at 11am to fetch Riley's card I made for her, hopefully there will be some Riley snuggleage time in that visit too :) he he he!!!

Thank you for popping in on me
Huge hugs Lou xxx