Wednesday 29 March 2017

Fairy Tenderhearted.........

Image- Fairy Tenderhearted from Tiddly Inks.
Morning all!!

Whoot Whoot! it's results day!! at 3:30pm I should know exactly what these ittle cancer critters are up to and know how the consultans are going to blitz them away!! he he!!! but for now, I am jut celebrating getting those DVT socks off my legs! ( my legs are very comparable to the legs of a bear but I'll sort that later! I swear hairs grow faster in DVT socks!!!!!!).

My arm is still annoyingly sore and I have another little stitch site yucky looking bit on nipple island but I am going to get the surgeon to have a look at that today when I go let's ask him a zillion things all at once....lucky guy!!! I have the list all ready so I don't forget anything!

There are however plus points to the stitch site meanies... 1) I see my girly time tummy swelling is going down nicely 2)..OMG?? I can see my tummy past my mini boob! whoot whoot!!! lol!!!! It isn't like that on the other side!! lol!!!!

Anyways, we'll chat about all that tomorrow when I know a bit more than the boring same old same old you've all had for the last couple of weeks!!

So onto the Lou make of the day! he he!! I couldn't resist some Tiddly Inks fun for my MIL's mothers day card. I adore Fairy Tenderhearted so she just had to be my choice. I printed her out and then masked her off to make a floaty woaty puffy wuffy cloudy woudy background!!!!

Then it was just a bit of colouring fun and using my scrummy new Marianne Designs Circle and flower stitch die. It's the first new crafty thing I've bought myself this year. I saw it in action on a gorgeous card my friend Julie sent me so I just had to have a peek and see if I could find it and the Buddly Crafts shop on eBay didn't let me down! there it was waiting for me to get it! he he!!!

Here's a close up of the gorgeous little fairy to show her little wings and shiny egg.

Right, time for another cuppa for me I think. Little Mo has popped off to school with Daddy and I need to just pop my list of questions and file into my cancer bag and get a few on the spot steps in on my fitbit to start the day off!

Huge hugs for you all, thank you for popping in on me, Lou xxx