Friday 24 February 2017

You are berry sweet!!

Morning all!

It's time for a Fab Friday over on the Tiddly Inks blog and oh my! it's a gorgeous one!!!

I was feeling in a Wryn mood so grabbed myself one of my favourite Wryn's, the Berry Sweet Wryn clear stamp set. There's just something about that bg ole strawberry that makes me feel all warm and summery.

I printed the little sentiment out using word. I don't think I quite lined it up right when I popped it back through with the die cut label but it still looks cute to me!! he he!!!

Today is my wound review and re dress...and I am nervous!! the last one was OMGOSH awful!!!! Scott nearly passed out from seeing me in so much pain, but even though I found it so very painful, the nurse said I managed really well to keep my arm up and out of the way so today I am going for the same but with the added advice from my special friend Pat who has told me to take some painkillers about 45 mins before I have my appointment and we both thought of me having a good shot of whiskey too...purely for nerves but anything that helps is worth a go!! ( while you are all having cuppa's at 8am, I'll be having  good shot of whiskey to carry me through!!). I'll let you all know how it went tomorrow!!!!!

I really want to see what the wound looks like, I can't see that from my side whilst it is being soaked, cleaned and re-dressed,I can only see my little fake nipple island the consultant made me!!! the only time I get to see mini boob is when I am back in dressings!!!

Thank you so much for popping in on me! Huge hugs Lou xxx