Monday 16 April 2018

Celebrate b......

Image- Celebrate b.

Morning everyone!

I'm in with my normal Monday morning Dream Team make for you today and all know by now I cannot resist me a boy make so I get super excited whenever there are new ones in the shop!! and when I saw Celebrate b I just knew he had to be the one for my DT make this week!!

It's such a funny thing because I used to be terrified of making 'boy' cards or cards for the male variety of humans but now I LOVE it!! and well, he is just such a darling.
Of course, the next real clincher just has to be the little appearance of Bronte in there blowing the party horn!! soooo cute!!!

Because he is a .png image I was able to merge him right onto some cool digital papers! wahoooooo!!! 

I, however, don't feel so celebratory today. Little Mo is back to school today and Scott and I are still fairly unsettled in our feelings about him going back and having his options meeting with a teacher this week. Mo has filled out his little form and popped 3 choices down. There were 2 subjects that he was really looking excitedly forward to choosing but the teachers in both of those subjects have told us that they do not feel Mo would cope with picking them as options. Luckily, he had a favourite one, Food Tech, to put first and he has chosen another 2 subjects that he enjoys as his 2 and 3. He very honestly wrote how he felt about choosing the 3 and not choosing 5 and as parents, we applaud him for that.
We feel it is important for him to be able to write down his honest opinions and feelings so people can begin to understand how things work in his mind.

Right, time for a cuppa and brekkie to get me going this morning, the hungry bear inside me is screaming 'give me food already!!!!!'. Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xx