Friday 23 August 2013

Man's Best Friend!!

Papers- Nitwits Tailwags.
Aftrenoon Peeps!!

I bet yuo al thought I had gone awol?!!!!! I have been enjoying a few days tucked in a little family bubble at Scott's mum and dad's caravan and it has been wonderful. More wafflies about that after card wafflies!!! :)

So I just had to ink up and colour my LOTV Man's best friend stamp on Tuesday because I got my delivery of my Diamond White paper from The Papeterie. I treated myself to some of the 160gsm one so I can put it through my printer for digi's too. 

When we got home today I had chance to make it into a card in between 4 loads of washing!!! I kept it kinda simple because I feel like its a man card!!!!

Now this little card is going up for auction to raise some pennies for the Safe and Sound doggies that Poppy's friend Betty Bundle helps out, you can find this card here on ebay for you to bid on. piccy time!!!!

Yesterday we had my Grandad with us for his 81st birthday. (Please excuse the piccy being a bit blurry but we took it on my Ipad and had to be quick before he blew out the candles!! he he he he!!!) We went to the beach, sat and enjoyed some yummy fresh seafood, Mo tried his first cockles and ate almost everybodies he liked them so much!! we had some time in the arcades and then wombled along the beach some more!! we said goodbye to Grandad went our for a fish and chip  tea and all crashed by 8:30pm!!!

This morning we were all awake super early so we made a mad dash for the beach in the dark to watch the sunrise. I am not sure there is anything more magical...ever!! Mo was completely mesmerized at watching it! he just stood there!!  He's so cute!!

He had Poppy's ball in his hand and she waited ever so patiently for him to throw it whilst he was watching!! look at that droopy tongue!!!!! 

and here's a bucket head Poppy!! she's so daft!!! 

and this is me and my awesome hubster, Scott. Its so hard trying to get a piccy of ourselves together when there is only you guys on the beach!! I love this piccy though because it was actually quite dark but he had to use the flash and it looks so bright behind us!!!

so there we go!! I didn't want to bore ya'll with many more!!!! though we always end up having too much fun to remember to take piccies! daft lot!!!

Hope you are all having an awesome week! thank you for popping in on me!
huge hugs Lou xxx