Saturday 21 July 2012

I got you something....

Afternoon Peeps!!
Its been a really beautiful day here today, sunshiney and warm, so we have made the most of it and had a big play outside ( is still out there with his little buddies in the paddling pool!!) and had a yummy mini BBQ (....poundshop disposable BBQ's rock!!!). There's nothing quite like sitting outside with your family in the sun and having fun (...and the hum in the air of everybody mowing their lawn before it rains again!!!!) and I have even had time to get a bit of a make in!!!

I thought I would share my cuddly buddly DT make for the week today!! I used the little 'I got something for you' elfy guy for the first make and I had a play with the little Dancing Fairy and Full Moon background earlier in the week too!! here she is....
The papers on this one are from Hearts and Flowers download from Funky Hand.

And I couldn't end my bloggy post without sharing this beautiful picture that Mo brought home with him in his 'bundle a la end of term' . I know I am a daft mummy but this is just so cute!! Mo informs us " I did this a long long time ago in May"....well time just does go so fast!!! he he he he!!! it is, in Mo's words..." a truly awesome magical fish surrounded by magical weeds and he has airbubbles too" (....also whilst reading the description please picture a little mo swiping his hand in the air in a rainbow motion whilst saying 'truly awesome' a bit slower than the rest of the sentence!!!!!)
so here it is.....
it even comes complete with selotape on the middle of it where I was told...
"mmmm... I didn't quite concentrate on that bit mummy and when I looked down he was in half but Mrs. Neal used her powers to put him back together" 
ahhhh, fabby TA!!! Mo will miss both his teacher and his TA greatly next year, he has loved them to bits this year.

Right I am off out to stalk the icecream man now,recently due to all the poopey rain, I think he has given up the idea of selling them as he hasn't been for weeks!!!!

thank you so much for popping in on me today!! I hope you have all had awesome saturday's too.
huge hugs Lou xxx