Wednesday 27 February 2013

LOTV birthday Blog hop!!

Afternoon Peeps!!
so its been one of those days for me today!! (...yup the ones where I am totally dimb....hey...wait...thats most days for me!!!!) but I am coming out of the fog now!!

I so wanted to get this card made on monday but being ill put paid to that idea and still felt really rough yesterday so slept for 4 hours!! and finally today I get chance to make it but can I do flower arranging on cards.....errr..No!! so emergency facebook beep to my bestie and for a little tutorial advice and here I am with my make!! (...actually I should confess a little here, I finished the card and it went all sunny outside so I drove up to my friends house 10 miles away and let her dogs out for a play in the garden then I rang gorgeous hubby and went to meet him in the park near his work for a walk with Poppy, there's nothing like mid day handy holdy walk with gorgeous hubby to cheer up your day:) I also managed to publish a post that should be scheduled for 1am tomorrow morning, derrrrr...time zones confuse me....chocolate required.....!!)

And I should mention too that this card is for the.....
Birthday Card Competition Header low res
Did you all go peek in on the DT blog hop? it was awesome! and the prizes are awesome too so don't forget to join in ( me knows that if I didn't join in Pops, Fleury and Lou would of gotted me as they know I  have a slight LOTV obsession!!!!)

So now I am going to have a cuppa and a couple of squares of white chocolate before I make Mo's tea, fetch him from school then go up to fetch the little boy (who is actually now a young man of 13 but will always be 16 weeks old in my eyes because thats how old he was when I started nannying for him!!!) from school and sit with him until he is picked up for football practice then come home,bath mo and go to bed!!!! phew! what a day!!!

Thank you for popping in on me!
huge hugs Lou xxx