Monday 30 March 2015

Petunia thinks she's a prezzie.........

Afternoon everyone!!!

oooooh I am in with a make of total and utter cuteness! you know...those ones where you just awwwwww the whole time you are colouring?!! yup, this was it!! I adore this stamp soooo much!! and what even better is that it comes with the most awesome sentiment ever. 

I absolutely adore this sentiment and it could totally make up a card all by itself, thats my next play with this one for sure!! and as for those papers! oh my! they are just my fav at the minute!! they are so bright and cheery and just gorgeous!!

Sleep after work was doomed today because its easter break and my house is way too full of gorgeous little man and gorgeous hubby to waste time on sleeping. They've wombled off for a walk to the car garage to see how our poorly car is now so I thought I'd sneak a bloggy post in!!!!

Al the links you need are just under the top piccy, if you click on the coloured text it will take you right to their home in the shop.

Right, off to see what else I can play with now ..... and drink some strong coffee!! skinny machiatto here I come!!

Thank you for popping in
Hugs Lou xx