Wednesday 13 April 2011

Getting my ribbons sorted!!!

Hello peeps!!!

Just a quicky post from me today as I have spent the whole day pootling around sorting my craft room out with Scott. I had 2 things that hubby was required for today and we planned the day a few weeks ago!!!

Number 1 was to get my ribbons sorted. I am completely blaming my lovely bloggy pal vicky for this one. Hers is a lot more classy than mine!!
 I thought I had 2 long bygel rails but it turns out I only had the one so a trip to B&Q for a 12mm pine dowel and a packet of large cup hooks was the first job of the day!!
Then home to get them sorted and put up.
In the piccy you can just about see the little bits of string I tied all the clips up with!! took ages but I can't believe how much ribbon I thought I didn't have ;)

Then onto my little lights, they are the teensy round circles on the bottom of my cupboards just above the ribbon rails. They came with the cupboards that my fabby little brother gave us ages ago and when I am using my cricut expression or cuttlebug its a bit dark down that end of the table so Scott said he would put them up for me. They light it up fab! yey!!

The picture is cleverly cropped to hide the mass of destruction that is still on my craft desk down that end!!! my baby bug is just nestled behind my cuttlebug,he is probably giggling at the big E who is stuck under lots of mess!!!!!!

Right off to give mo a snuggle and a kiss and catch a quick nap before I go and tidy up the messy desk!!!

Huge hugs
Lou xxxxxxx