Monday 26 December 2016

Jack waiting........

Image- Jack Waiting.

OOooooooooooooh I am so late with my Dream Team DT post today!! but I have been so enjoying spending time with my gorgeous hubby and son that I forgot to schedule up...but do you know what..that's just right for christmas!! he he!

This is a special card I made just for my little guy with the new Re-do of  Jack Waiting. The awesome new .png window meant that I could add a little santa and reindeer by merging them into the sky! wahoooooooooooooo!! of course, what you can merge into the sky is just an open boat of amazing possibilities but I knew what I needed for mine.

The little silver bell on the red ribbon at the top is because my special little boy still believes, despite people telling him at school that santa wasn't real. I blooming love that he had the strength to let them know what he believed and not be swayed by loosing the magic.

Hope you are all having a truly wonderful holiday period. I have really relaxed this year which was so very much needed and its been so lovely. I have made a scrummy lasagne for lunch and have a pavlova base cooking away in the oven for later....yummy!!! that won't last long!!! 

Huge hugs Lou xxx