Wednesday 29 February 2012

A man card.......arghhhhhh :) :) :)

(just for men colourway)
Morning peeps!!!

How are you all today? Great I hope. I am thinking of my mum today, as I type she will be in spinal surgery having 4 discs removed from her back as she has a tumour that has wrapped itself deep into 3 of then and has attached itself to the 4th. Thankfully they do not think the tumour is cancer but if it is left there it will strangle mum's spinal chord :( so if you have a little space in your prayers today could you please pop my mum in them.

And so on with card Lou!!! ok, so who loves making cards for people and then you get the man card orders and you say " yeah, sure I can whip something up" ...then go into a cold sweat and panic because it de dehhhhh... A MAN CARD... I do!!!!!! :) I got an order last week for a 6oth birthday card for a dad.

So in order to help me I printed off some of my fav birthday papers from the Happy Happy birthday cd rom. I am determined after drooling over Pops beautiful rectangle cards recently to make more rectangle cards myself, I have loads! they just sit in my cupboard and I kinda shake everytime I pick one up because my dopey head just can't seem to work around them!!!

I decided to make a manly shirt card. I made the shirt and then thought for  a bit of extra fun I would put the 60 inside the shirt on a bit of acetate so it pops up when the shirt is opened ( warned...when you do something fun like that you will sit and pop it open for no reason then giggle each time.......!!!)

I adhered the shirt to a big tag that I had popped a punched bit of kraft card onto and a bit of ric rac ribbon. I popped some crochet tool around the layers and threaded a kraft paper heart through it, I love that bit, it looks cute!

I cut the word Dad on my cricut in shadow and normal, then layered it up and glossy accented it to make it look shiny.
Here's a piccy of the pop up 60!! too fun!!!

So thats my make for today! Challenges I am entering with this one are...

Dream valley challenges- Just for men
Allsorts- its your choice

I had an awesome night at church last night! the kitchen was all dusty and broken so we had chippy shop chips and mushy peas and the lessons last night were so uplifting. I left church feeling on top of the world.

To get to the village I live in from town you have to go up a long steep hill. As I drove home I noticed an elderly man walking slowly at the bottom of it with 3 heavy looking bags, in my rear view mirror I saw him put one down and rub his hands so I knew they were heavy. I turned my car right around and went and picked him up and man I am so pleased I did because when I helped him take off his back pack it was so heavy. 
He had come all the way from California to visit his daughter who lives in my village!! he had come into the train station ( which is quite a way from where I saw him) and our village bus service is so hit and miss. I dropped him off where he asked me to and I am just so pleased I could help him, he was lovely. 
He had been travelling for ages,from california to florida, and then onto england, I think there were even a couple more places as he ssaid he had flown in with the navy because he was ex navy. I just feel so happy knowing I helped. I hope he has a lovely visit with his daughter.

Right, I am off to make Mo's lunch for school !
thank you for popping inon me!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Tiddly Inks challenge 81- Fabric Fun...

Morning peeps!!! How are you all this fine Tiddly Tuesday??!!!

Well, its time for a new challenge over on the Tiddly Inks challenge blog this week and our little gang of Tiddly Inkers want to see some....
Fabric on your creations!!
so this week we want to see some yummy ideas for getting material onto your cards/creations.
Oh and there's a new Wryn in the shop too....she's too her!! This is Wryn- with a cherry on top.
(Now, not to help you too much but if you click on her it will take you straight to her home in the shop.....:) :) ya'll know I like  to help you out in any way I can..... )

I just had to make a mothers day card with the fabulous 'Take a Stand' digi from the Tiddly Inks bargain basement. I adore the way you can add any message you fancy onto her little sign boards. I added ' I have the best mum' using psp. But fabric was a little more of a challenge for me and I ummm-ed and ahhh-ed about my DT make for so long I was thinking I wouldn't even get one done!! lol!!!...that was until I bought my Big Shot and got some free dies with it :) :)

oooh I got flowers and swooshes and more and because of all the gorgeous free ones I was able to buy myself a Lord Tim Vintage Lace decorative borders die (...yes Lou...that's you enabling me again hun!!!!!)

Scott, Mo and I spent the whole afternoon playing around and cutting out bits of felt and paper to experiment, I love that we all did that together, did I ever tell you I have the best hubby ever? :) and then on saturday night I had a little play on my own with some scraps of felt I had left over. I layered up the blue and brown alternately to make the flower stand out a bit more. The teeny centre of the flower should be a little circle with dots around the edge but I swapped it out with the heart from my swooshey instead, it looks so cute!!

So, please pop on over to the Tiddly Inks challenge blog as the rest of the Tiddly Inking gals are a zillion times  more fabulous than me when it comes to using material and have made some mouth watering yumminess to inspire you all. 

Right I am off for a cuppa and a few squooshes with Mo before I drop him off at school and have a plod in the fields with the fluffy princess!
Have a super duper day peeps! and huge thank you's for popping in on me :)
Lou xxxxx

Saturday 25 February 2012

Beach walking and a Funky Hand sale going on...NOW !!!

Hello Peeps!!
Not a card to share today as we have spent most of the day plodding along the beach with Mo and Holly and we are now all resembling zonked out little zombies (..have you ever realised how hard it is to walk along on the sand?!!!!)  but I just had to make myself move to my pooter to share a few piccies and most importantly a Funk Hand sale with you!!!

Sooo, Sale first!! There's a whopping  50% OFF all downloads on the Funky Hand  website from now until Monday 27th February at 10am.  Now, don't miss out on this sale because those downloads  are going for next to nothing until monday and ya'll know how much I use them!! I don't think there are any that I am not completely in love with!!! I think I use them on most of my cards in some way because I love the fact that I will never run out of that paper because all I ever need to do is print off another sheet!!!! :)

And now a share of my cute little peeps on the beach!! Its the first time we have ever taken Holly to the beach and oh boy did she love it!! she kept woofing at the waves when they came along and they caught her by surprise more than once tumbling over her but she loved it!!!

Here's a thoughtful Little Mo. It was only 8am when we got to the beach and the sun was gorgeous (.....but dippy here forgot to remind gorgeous Hubby to pick up his posh gadget boy camera so these are from my phone, an ancient Samsung  Jet!!)
I think the sun must of been shining right at me taking it judging by the colours! he is always completely mystified by the big wind turbines in the sea!!!
Here's the fluffy princess!! in this piccy she had just been attacked by a mahoosive wave and was trying to work out where exactly her attacker had hidden!! it was so funny, I thought I was going to drop my phone I was laughing so much!! talk about a tena moment!!!!
and here's thing 1 and thing 2 chasing each other around the beach. hey had such a wonderful time and I am so very thankful for both of them being such a great match, they completely adore each other and that makes me so happy. Its a joy to watch them together as Mo is so loving with her.
After a good 2 hours of beach exploring (...pockets full of shells, stones and seaweed...ahhh i so love Mo's idea of treasure!!) we plodded back to the car and Scott took me 2 mins down the road to the Cutting Edge Crafts shop.
Now I have shopped online with them before and it came super whizzy quick but boy oh boy was it gorgeous in the shop!
I have been saving hard for a Big Shot and finally managed with the help of payday to get enough pennies to go buy one. I was so absolutely confused at what you need to get that I asked one of the ladies in there for some help and she was just absolutely amazing. She helped me to get together all the bits I need, steering me away from bits I though I needed but totally didn't ( i am so super thankful for that as it meant I had pennies left to buy a die i really neeeeeeeed ...!! yup, Lou if you are reading this it is definitely your fault.....) 
So if you are ever in skegness pop in on them and you will not regret it at all....and give the lady in glasses in the shop a huge hug from me because she was so lovely.
We put mummy's new treats in the car and went off to get some fresh donuts for the journey home ( ..its ok peeps, don't worry about my diet because I bought a cup of tea too so all donut calories were instantly melted.......)

Once we were home and Holly had splonked out fast asleep from a busy morning (.....and little Mo had helped to open the huge box....make it into a robot head...and come back to mummy to investigate the big black and oink thingie!!!) all 3 of us sat down to watch the tutorial dvd which was great too as Little Mo decided he should demonstrate each step for us!!! too funny but I cannot tell you how much easier it is for him to use than the cuttlebug I was using!! I love it already!! if its good for the small one, its good for me!!!

Right I have waffled a zillion!!! :) bet ya'll have dropped off to sleep!!! :)
thank you for popping in on me! 
huge hugs Lou xxx

Thursday 23 February 2012

Scott's valentine card!

Morning Peeps!!!
How are you all this morning? I am good. I have walked the dog already as its a work day today so I sneaked out in the dark at 5am while Scott was still here to look after Mo and I have to tell you it was wonderful. It was surprisingly warm after all the freeeezing cold days we have had and listening to the dawn chorus as I walked along was magical.

Now valentines day has conme and gone I can share the card I made for Scott on my bloggy!! ( I did sneak it on to the SC facebook page a while ago because I know he doesn't peek in there!!)
I used The Force couple for this one, I adore them!! being star wars peeps here in our house they were a definite must!!! I kept their colours quite simple and used some absolutely gorgeous papers from Anice over on Funky Hand. They are from the Huge Funky Love wordbook download, its one of my absolute favs. You get all the alphabet to make into wordbooks and then these bonus A4 size papers too.
I was so pleased with the papers as I had some raffia that matched it perfectly.

Scott being the star wars fan he is absolutely loved this card so that was just such a lovely feeling and it is still sitting proud on our living room windowsill so I must of done good this year!!! :)
So challenges I would like to enter with this cutie are....

So have any of you had any thoughts on what you are doing for lent yet? I have. I had an awesome night at church on tuesday and we covered prayers this week. Now, I am the first to admit that recently my prayers have been very selfish and asking for strength for myself, then plonking my requests for everything else at the end. So I am sorting that out now!! to help me along I am going to start a prayer journal. So what am I doing  for the next 40 days for lent.......

Negativity around me makes me feel really sad. There is so much to be happy for in my life that I just want to focus on that, ( it can sometimes be something as simple as a Little Mo smile on his way out the door after being upset at going back to school that makes my day so much better) I feel a sort of calm when I am thinking happy thoughts.
So for lent I have decided to simply decrease its presence in my life by thinking happy thoughts and keeping you all cosy in my heart. I am sending out happy lent cyber hugs for you all!!
I don't think a whole 40 days of positive thinking is going to be easy as I am sure there will be some days that test me but I am going at it with a hopeful heart!!! :)

Have a great day peeps!! and thank you for popping in on me!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Tiddly Tuesday new Wryn releases....:)

Morning Peeps!!
How are ya'll today? :) :) I am one super happy little bunny because its Tiddly Tuesday and that means new images from Christy and this week there are ......
romfl!!! but seriously ....quick go get your purses because there are 2 gorgeous new Wryn's in the shop!!!

I used Watcha Doin? Wryn. I don't know what it is about these little Wryn's but I just love them to bit so I just had to make a mothers day card with her. I coloured her up with my promarkers, I love red hair!! and then highlighted her hair with some sakura starburst pen. I doodled a bit of the starburst pen on my butterflies too.

The big stamp shape is cut on my cricut from the marriage solutions cart and I added a good old bit of sparkle and some really cute little butterflies with my martha stewart punch. Then I just had to doodley some dots so I did black glaze pen ones and white glaze pen ones, I can't resist a doodle!! :)
Anywhoo enough Lou waffles you wanna see piccies of the new releases don't you??!! :)
( I am not saying you have to do it but...if you they will take you straight to the cosy little snug in the shop.....see peeps your mornings would be lonely without a little Lou enable-ment you know......)
So we have ...
               Watcha Doin? Wryn                                      and                    Wryn Birthday Girl
Image 1Image 1
SQUUUUUEEEEEEEEE!!! aren't they both just gorgeous???!!!!

Today I don't have much planned at all. I am going to pop in and drop a newspaper off for my mum and say a quick hello and then come home to work on some cards. Yesterday I lost my mojo because my Little Mo went back to school. I always find that first day back soooo hard, Mo was very brave though and after lots of tears,some good snuggling and a snuggle in his pocket so I was with him all day, he went in ok.  I on the other hand felt pants and mooched around the house feeling low!! what am I like!!!!
Right, off to get a cuppa and have a good wombley over to see what you have all been creating in bloggy land!!
Huge hugs Lou xxxx

Saturday 18 February 2012

18th birthday bag...card!!!

Evening Peeps!!

I have had a fabulously fabulous saturday!! Little Mo slept in until 6:15am, then we got up and I went for a good old womble along the viking way (...very lucky to live on it!! huge walk in big open quiet fields) ...though in the wind it was a bit tricky!!! an hour later and a really bad hair day, I was home having a cuppa!!!
Then we went out for lunch with Scott's mum and Dad, had a little womble to the pound shop and came home to play. More Holly walking, Mo loves that he can throw a stick and she gets excited and fetches it!! (Our gorgeous old dog, Mr Zaky, would just look at him as if to say "uh huh Mo, you threw you go fetch it boyo"!!! we still miss him sooo much)

Enough Lou waffleys!! I want to share my entry for the Lili's Little Fairies challenge blog now!!!! its too cute!!! I was asked to make an 18th birthday card for a girl who lurves Mulberry handbags. ( there was a small panic and quiet scream from me as I am not a girly girl and had nooooo idea what a Mulberry handbag was but good old google saveth me!!!!)
I decided to go with a bag fold and a good old google later I had a cute Mulberry logo clasp on it!! yey Lou!!! Its made from a 12x12 peice of kraft card and then I cut a lacey circle nestie for the flap!
And so onto the inside....
 A good old bit of cricut cutting, oval nestifying and stamping and inking and I had the inside finished with a little bit of sparkle and some teeny flowers. The little tag that is really hard to see had the date of Lucy's birth on it.
And here's my super cute little card!! it was only 4x4 and I actually struggled to give it up!! I loved it!!
There was oodles of fun to be had on this one!!! First I stamped up my little New Hat stamp. It is one of my oldest and favouritest LOTV stamps ever. I use it so much because she just makes me smile whenever I colour her. Anywhoo!! I stamped her up and then printed out the Mulberry handbag logo really teeny in the middle of a peice of paper, then I stuck my little stamped girly onto the paper with repo glue tape and popped her through the printer
(mmmmm...ok so it didn't quite go that easily...the first one I stamped and stuck on printed the tree upside down on her handbag...lou takes it out of printer..think you plonker to herself...carefully stamps another...repo glue tapes it over little teeny tree logo...prints again...DOH...stuck image on upside down and she is now sporting a tree...on her hat.....3rd time lucky...phew!!)
So after a little experimenting on where to put the tree logo.....:) :) I decided it looked fab on the handbag ;) lol!!
So I got out Lucy's fav colours, spring green/bluey,blue and brown and got colouring!! I absolutely love how the little bag came out, its so subtle and totally cute. I was itching to know if she had noticed it when she opened her card!!
I wanted to include a 'key for the door' for her 18th so out came a little brassy coloured key and some thread to attach it to and I added a few more flowres and branches to match the inside of the bag.
I had to add some little pearly gems to the flowers and the card too....I just can't not bling!!!
Here's another piccy of the card standing up in the bag!!!

So challenges I am entering with this little cutie are....
Lili's Little Fairies- Anything Goes
Allsorts challenge week 142- Anything Goes
Die-ing for a challaenge's 1st challenge- Anything Goes 

So thats little ole me for today!!! oh and while I am anyone else really really struggling with the new word verification on blogger??...because I really really am and I know a few of my friends are too, so if you have your word verification on please consider turning it off and having approving comments before they go on to your bloggy  :)  purlease!!! xxx
Thank you for popping in on me.
Huge hugs Lou xxxx

Thursday 16 February 2012

Saturated Canary challenge 11- Anything but square or rectangle.

Image- Baby Jake from Saturated Canary digi's
Papers and card template-Craft The Year Away from Funky Hand.

Afternoon peeps!!!!

Its time for another challenge on the Saturated Canary challenge blog and this challenge is a bit of a fun one,its...
Anything but square or rectangle

I decided to use Baby Jake, he's sooo squishably cute!! I adore him! and love colouring him in oranges and browns. I used ginger and honeycomb promarkers to get that lovely autumnal orange onesie on Jake and then sandstone, caramel and cocoa for his cutie little hat and boots. He really is such a joy to colour up,I always want to squidge those little chunky knees!!!!

My favourite card shape is square so this challenge did me good to step away from my little comfort zone!!
I fancied a bit of a different shaped card and used one of the templates on my Craft The Year Away cd rom from Funky Hand. All I had to do was pick a patterned paper and drag the template over it, print it and cut it out with scissors!! easy peasy!! the papers I chose were from the orange october colourway. Its one of my favourties and I use it all the time!! I love those big juicy dots of colour on the wobbler card. I made some faux buttons with some card candies and thread and added them to the wobbler base.

I found one of my big tags and stamped the word 'baby' over it a few times. I added a little of the spotty paper to the bottom of the tag and made a little 'Its a Boy' topper with my nesties. A little bit of raffia and bling and the tag was done!! I popped it onto the card with some foam tape to pop it out from the base.

Please don't forget to pop over HERE to the Saturated Canary challenge blog and check out the other girls gorgeous creations too because they will make you  jaws drop!
huge hugs
Lou xxxxxx

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Bunny Luv....

Evening Peeps!!! :)

Its been a busy but fun day and I got a bit of me time tonight whilst everyone else in my house is snoring!! it is a nice little song to listen to though!!...theres Holly with her woofy "I've been chasing sticks a lot today in the field" snore, then its Scott's low " I feel poorly" snore, then there is this little wheezy "gosh I'm pooped out after playing all day" snore floating down the stairs from Little Mo. Its actually very comforting!! I love my little sleepy house!!!!...then there's me tap tap tapping away on my keyboard!! :)

Anywhoo, I had some challenges I wanted to play along with today so I decided to print out my Bunny Luv from Krista's Saturated Canary shop  (she's on special offer for a limited time so quick go get her!!) and get busy to join in with them. In case you are all in a crafty joining in mood the challenges are....

Going Buggy's Lace and Butterflies challenge- I used my martha stewart butterfly punch and my sweet lovely lace doo hickey die.

I love promarkers nature challenge- I have butterflies and a bunny!!
promarkers I used were....
skin and hair- blush,sunkissed pink and coral.
ears- almond, blush and sunkissed pink
trousers,patches on top and eggy- antique pink,cocktail pink and pastel pink
trousers and top- pastel blue,denim blue and midnight blue
tail- almond and pastel biege

Passion for promarkers- Distressing.I love my little pink distrezz-it-all, if you haven't got one you neeeeeed one!! its fab for quickly distressing your papers.

mmmmmmm, I wonder if I am allowed to enter the Get Funky Challenge with it too as I used the funky freebie and butterflies would count for the Flying High theme....:) :)

My Bunny Luv actually has sparkling Sakura starburst pen all around her too, it looks so pretty IRL. I have tried to take a piccy for you of the sparklies! sparklies do not actually love having their picture taken,grrrrr!! here she is.....
Right thats me for tonight!! I am off to watch Masterchef now....I will no doubt have the nibbles within 10 minutes!!!

Thank you for popping in on me! Huge hugs Lou xxxxx

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Tiddly Inks Challenge 80- Sparkles!!

Image- Wryn- Spring Bling.
Morning peeps!!

Its Tiddly Tuesday and ooooh there are some more gorgeous new release Wryn's too so its an even more exciting Tiddly Tuesday!! :)
Over on the Tiddly Inks challenge blog we want to see.....

so think bling, gems, glamour dust,pearls,glitter and all thats sparkley on your creations this week!!! and please don't forget to use a Tiddly Inks image on your sparkley makes!!

I don't know about you guys but I am pretty hooked on these gorgeous little cuties! Wryn is just so addictive and totally adorable.
So this week Christy has released....

I used this gorgeous little Wryn for my challenge make this week. I popped her on a base of yummy blingy and stitched mulberry papers and then added a little sentiment cut from my love language cuttlebug die! you can never have enough bling so I added some gems on there too!!! :)
Here's a close up of Wryn, she's so cute!!!

Wryn is coloured up with my promarkers. Here's a little list of colours..

Dress- poppy,ruby,cardinal red and burgundy with sakura starburst highlights.
Skin- blush,sunkissed pink and coral
Hair- vanilla,putty and caramel
Flowers- sunflower,gold and sakura starburst blinged, then glossy accented!

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with for this challenge, I love bling!! and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying popping over to all your blogs so thank you so very much for joining in with the Tiddly Inkers and inspiring us all so much.

Right, thats it for Lou waffles today, I am off to enjoy my little Mo, I love school holidays so much. We will be in our pj's until at least 9am!!!
Thankyou for popping in on me
huge hugs Lou xxx

Monday 13 February 2012

Saturated Canary New Releases...quick..go now!! :)

Squeeeeeeee!! its new release day over in the Saturated Canary Digi's Shop and omgosh!! you do not want to miss out on these little cuties!! they are all way too cute! I love them all and have managed to get a couple made up into cards for you to see just how cute they are!!!!!

So above we have the super cute Murray! oh I love her so much! she is just perfect for starting those easter creations!! I coloured her in with my promarkers and chalked in the grass and some clouds behind her.
The gorgeous heart paper is from Funky Hands Huge Funky Love wordbook download.
I used my lurvely new magnolia doo hickey die, sweet lovely lace. ooooh I love it, its so cute. and the flowers are from my tattered florals lord tim die.
Now the stitches stamp around the edges and little corners are a punch are what  Lou made me buy on saturday.....:) :)

And down below here we have Beach Baby!!  she was so cute I decided to keep her CAS. I printed her straight onto my card base and added one of my Simple Sentiments from Pink Petticoat. I popped some sakura starburst on her all over the place!! I couldn't help myself because she looks so warm and lovely and I wanted a nice blingy sunshine effect.
The clouds are my finger and some blue chalk again!!!! I love the get messy!!! 

I am popping both these little cuties in for the Free and easy challenge over on the Allsorts challenge blog.
and the Anything goes challenge over on the papertake weekly challenge blog

So, quick, stop reading my waffles and go get these little cuties in your basket over in the shop!!! there are so many other gorgeous ones in there too!! I will get a few more things made tomorrow as Mo has requested a hamma bead making session tomorrow so we can cosy up in my craft room and craft together!!

Huge hugs and thank you for popping in on me
Lou xxxx

Sunday 12 February 2012

I love Sundays!!!

pink bazill bling
SU tracks roller

Hello Peeps!!
Oh boy do I love sundays. I have had the best day today. 
First we popped in on my mum and dad who live in my village, about a mile down the road from our house. Scott helped dad pop some wardrobes outside and then after a quick chat, Mo and Scott went home in the car and Holly and I plodded home across the viking way. It was gorgeous. The fields are still fill of snow and it was so quiet and peaceful. I had a big think on my way home and my thoughts just kept returning to how very lucky I am. I have an awesome husband and sons, a gorgeous dog and I have the most beautiful and talented crafty friends ( 2 of who I managed to get caught up with a little yesterday, Lou and Fleur, whilst watching Lou demo...omg she is insanely talented and such a wonderful person too....and very enabling so watch out :) :) !!)
(Oh and Lou, if you have popped in, the sweet lovely lace doo hickey die is a total must hun!!!! will be posting a creation later in the week!!!)

Anywhoo, we surprised Mo with a visit to the cinema this morning to watch Tin Tin and the secret of the unicorn, £5 for the 3 of us, bargain!! and it was just beautiful to watch Mo giggling away at the film!! it was super fun.
When we came home I got 30 mins to myself to make Mo's valentines card with a few scraps from my funky Hand scraps folder. I cut a little train on my cricut and filled the 2 hoppers with some hearts I cut from my love language cuttlebug die. The train track is my SU rolleraround tracks (yup, it is running out of ink but I figured it looked distressed ;) lol!!!)

Card finished and it was time to get on with a roast tea. Scott and Mo were busy playing Skylanders together on the PS3 so I decided to surprise them both by making heart shaped krispie cakes for pudding!!
I just made the krispie cake mix in the normal fashion (melted chocklit, butter,golden syrup and rice krispies) and then squdiged the mis good and tight into a heart shaped cookie cutter!! I pused them out gently and added a little gumy heart to each one whilst they were still gooey!! Mo loved them!! he said 
" mummy, they are so cute, you must really love me to give me chocolate"
romfl!! he is too funny!!!!

Now, while I remember Anice from Funky Hand has put a bit of exciting news over on the Funky Hand facebook page so make sure you pop in and like it for more information!!! :)

Right I am going to indulge myself in a nice deep hot bath now!! I hope you have all had fabby sundays too.

Google Follower news....

Morning Peeps!! 
I just want to let all my followers know about some changes to the google follower gadget that I just learnt from my gorgeous friend Debs.

To read more about it, please pop on over to Shelly's blog and read it here

I would be devastated if I lost any of you and couldn't come and sneaky in on your gorgeous creations so please click the little blue follow me bit on my new linky gadget on the top left of my sidebar so we can all stay in touch!! :) and don't forget to get your own too as the google one will be going real soon.

We are off to surprise Mo with a visit to the cinema now. Tin Tin is the kids club film so all 3 of us are off to the cinema for just £5 in total!! yey!!! bargain!!! I love surprising Mo with the cinema because he loves it!

Thank you so much, huge hugs Lou xxx

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Heartfelt Love wryn..

Promarkers- cool grey 1-5, black
ruby,crimson and cardinal red
sakura starburst pen

Its me again!!!!! told you I'd be back with another Wryn!! If you are looking for my Howdy Cowgirl Wryn's she's HERE!!

I used the sketch from Dawny P over on the papertake weekly blog so I could enter their challenge for this one. I am cutting it fine though!!! so it has had to be a post the piccy quick then come back to write the post job!!! I can never resist a Dawny sketch!!

So this is Hearfelt Love wryn and I think I may be in love!! I don't know what it is about these little wryn's but they are just so magical and cute!! I could colour them all day  because they just make me smile so much!!!

I decided to keep her mono. I do love mono, its so much fun to play with so she is a whole load of grey promarkers!! but she looks so darn cute!!! bit of a close up....
I had to add a teensy bit of bling to her dress and hearts and then some yummy pearls! love bling!!! and this is the song I was bopping along to as I made this card, its awesome

Ok, off to go finish up some ironing and get another load of washing on!! oooh its an exciting life I lead!!!

Huge hugs Lou xxx

Tiddly Inks new release!! More Wryn's!!!!! wohooo!!

Promarkers- blush,sinkissed pink and coral-skin
sandstone,caramel and cocoa- browns
pastel blue,denim blue and midnight blue-denims
vanilla,putty and cinammon- hair

SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!! there are new Wryn's over in the Tiddly Inks shop and omgosh you are going to love them!!!!! 
I have made a few cards with them so far but this morning I just had to share this super cute little Howdy Cowgirl Wryn! oooh I love her so much!! I had so much fun playing making this card!!! isn't she just the cutest ever?!!!! I love her little hobby horse!!

I popped her into a little text circle in word and then cut a nice big circle so that I could have some fun with a cardbase of cowgirly-ness!! :)
The card itself is 8x8 so there was plenty of room to have a good play around with space!!
The papers are from a huge stash I bought a few years ago from the kanban factory, they all went together so nicley. I added a little lasso in string and cut out some boot, sheriff stars and horse shoes from the scraps to make my embellies!!! I loved making this card so much!!
I am popping this little cutie over in the Free and easy challenge on the allsorts challenge blog.

So new Wryn's are in.......:) 
well here they are.... (and their piccies are of course linked to thier homes in the shop just to help you out a little :) :) I am sooo good to you all!!!!!!)
OMG!!! aren't they adorable????!! if I get chance to take a piccy I will be back later to show you my Heartfelt  Love Wryn card.

Right then off for a cuppa and Mo squishes!!! I am finally feeling a little more me today and not so sicky at all so thats great!!
huge hugs Lou xxxx
why are you still reading.....quick go get those Wryn's :) :) :)ooxxoo

Sunday 5 February 2012

New Funky Hand release- I ♥ You.

 All papers and Images- I  ♥ You from Funky Hand.
Be my valentine sentiment- Betty Love 'n'that stamp set
Afternoon Peeps!!!!!

How are you all today?! we woke up to the most awesome snow day today!! I absolutely love snow! Mo, Holly and I were up and out of the door as fast as we could get out there!!!!
(Ahhhhhh, Happiness is walking the dog through the fields, with your little man by your side too, waffling away all things snowy and chattering away to God thanking him for a snowy play day. We walked back through our  estate and got home..............then I realised that in my excitement I had gotten Mo all togged up in his waterproofs, hat,gloves, wellies etc and I was still in my pj's.....:) romfl!!!)
So here's me, Mo and Holly! Scott took the picture as we returned from our walk!! well, it was fabulous fun even if anyone looking thought I was ever so strange!!!!
Awwwww,  look at Mo's happy face!! he is just about to snowball a poor unsuspecting Daddy!!! 

Anyway, enough Lou waffles!! I have super exciting news to share!!!!!!
Our gorgeous Anice,  from Funky Hand,  has been rushed off her poorly feet this week making you all a fabulous new download. Its called  I  ♥ You and it has 20 of the most awesome papers in, along with an alphas page and digis too!!! Here's a peek of it (....and in the name of enabling..if you click the piccy it will take you straight to the shop!!! believe me you neeeeeeeed this one!!)

I Heart You downloadable backing papers.
I absolutely love it. The papers are perfick for valentines day but also everyday occasions. I have some favourites already, I adore the hearts paper on my card at the top and I love the squared paper that is on the birthday card below.....

And I love,love,love the stripes, digi and the little confetti hearts paper on this card....
I think I might drive you all bonkers with creations from this download because it is just such a funky and modern all rounder and I ♥ it!!!!!! :)

Right, off to colour in some new Wryn's from the amazing Christy Croll from Tiddly Inks now.....oooooh you will love them!!!!! they are toooooo cute!!

Huge hugs Lou xxxx

Saturday 4 February 2012

Wicked Wednesday ATC challenge- Mermaids!

Afternoon Peeps!!
How are you all this chilly, brrrr saturday?!! I am sick! granted I am feeling much better than I was last night when I was closely inspecting our toilet bowl but none the less I still feel rather icky blurgh!!
I had a burst of energy this morning which I spent taking my Holly dog for a quick walk. The vet said not to take her out for very long so a quick walk for us both was perfect. Then I spent 2 hours fast asleep whilst Mo and daddy went to the play area!

I have been itching to get my ATC done for the Wicked Wednesday ATC challenge blog and I printed out my gorgeous little Pearl from Tiddly Inks to help me out (...i actually printed 3 little mermaids out but only had the umpf to get this one done for now so hoping to get a couple more done before the challenge ends!!) I added a bit of blingy sparkley glamour dust to her tail and hat and did a few stamps of swirl around her. Her big juicy pearl is my waco pearl pen. I love it. You can make pearls as big/small as you like them just leave them to dry!! I added a teeny one to the paper flower I popped on her hat.

The sentiment is one of my magnolia stamps from my stash, it looks cute with a mermaid though!!
And just to make you all laugh your socks off, here is a piccy of me and Mo snuggled up watching Muppets in Manhattan this afternoon.
He decided he was poorly too and needed a kool strip on like mummy!! (..please excuse my sick girl smile!!!...and my top which is perching on top of my blanket and bringing out the best of me...:) lol!!)
Mo is pretending to be asleep!! romfl!!

Thankyou for popping in on me! 
huge hugs Lou xxx

Friday 3 February 2012

Little Mo post!

 Morning Peeps!!

Ok, so we have a Little Mo post this morning!! I was so proud I had to take lots of piccies as he was going along!!! :)
Its Little Mo's teachers birthday today. When I got home from work last night Mo said they have been doing portraits at school and for Miss Cook's birthday he wanted to a do a portrait of her.
So he got out his canvas's and pencils.He always draws on his canvas's first which I think is a fab idea! he really took his time on this though and I think it has come out so beautifully.

 By the time he had gotten this pencil drawing done it was bath and bedtime so we had to leave it for the night. This morning as soon as he got up he wanted to finish it off as he needed to take it to school today, I have never seen him eat a crumpet so fast!!!! lol!!!
Painting was the job this morning so he got out his watercolours and got busy!! he asked for some help mixing the colour for the face as " I don't have the right pinky colour mummy"!

 A nice big brush and a blue background later and.......

 Here is Little Mo's teacher, Miss Cook!!
 I am so daftly proud of this painting! I love that he knows what he to do for a gift for someone without us having to give him ideas, I love that he prefers to make stuff rather than go buy it, I love that he sticks his little tongue out when he is busy concentrating and I absolutely love the cuteness in how nervous  he is to give his gift!! its so sweet.
And here's the little card he made for her on mummy's Happy Happy Birthday from Funky Hand...
Before he wrapped it I printed out these photographs and tied them together for her to keep. Mostly I do that because its cute but sometimes I do it because I am just amazed by how beautiful the things he makes are and the fact that sometimes I cannot believe he has actually sat and done them!!!! I don't know where his little love for painting comes from, I can't paint to save my life!!!!

Right off for work for me now. I am not feeling so well today...grrrrrr monthlies!! but I know keeping busy will keep me going!!!
Have a great day peeps!
huge hugs Lou xxxx

Thursday 2 February 2012

Saturated Canary challenge 10- Pink, Red & White

Hello peeps!!!!

How are ya'll today??!! great I hope. Its time for another challenge on the Saturated Canary challenge blog and this time we have a colour challenge for you and its a cute one too, just perfect for those valentines creations!! so our challenge this time is....

Pink, Red and White.

I had fun with this one!! I printed my Frizzy Jynx at just 3" tall. (...Lou gets down on her knees and thanks letraset for fine tips for my promarkers!!!!) . I used my little Peek a Boo box from Adela's shop. I love this little box. 
I cut it out in white and then added a layer of red. I also added some little red die cut hearts from my love language cuttlebug die onto the handle. I cut out a couple of sentiments from the same die and put the 'love' across the perspex I had added to the circle cut out on the front of the box and hugs and kisses I popped on the inside.
I made a little bag of gummy hearts look cute and then popped them inside the box.

She looks so cute stood next to that little cut out and the flowers, I love her to bits!
Now it was sooooo dark and gloomy here yesterday when I was trying to take a photograph of this little cutie! so the bits that aren't showing up is the glitzy white glamour dust in the flower centre's and dotted all over the red layer on the front of the box, it looks really pretty IRL!! but can I get a photo....nooooooo!!!

The promarker colours I used on Frizzy Jynx are...
Skin- blush,soft peach and peach
Hair- vanilla,putty,caramel and cocoa
Top,bow and leggings-poppy and crimson and white sakura gel pen with red at you copic spica on the top.
Cardi and boots- pastel pink, cocktail pink and antique pink.

Please don't forget to pop over HERE to the Saturated Canary challenge blog and check out the other girls gorgeous creations too because they will make you  jaws drop!
huge hugs
Lou xxxxxx