Sunday, 12 February 2012

Google Follower news....

Morning Peeps!! 
I just want to let all my followers know about some changes to the google follower gadget that I just learnt from my gorgeous friend Debs.

To read more about it, please pop on over to Shelly's blog and read it here

I would be devastated if I lost any of you and couldn't come and sneaky in on your gorgeous creations so please click the little blue follow me bit on my new linky gadget on the top left of my sidebar so we can all stay in touch!! :) and don't forget to get your own too as the google one will be going real soon.

We are off to surprise Mo with a visit to the cinema now. Tin Tin is the kids club film so all 3 of us are off to the cinema for just £5 in total!! yey!!! bargain!!! I love surprising Mo with the cinema because he loves it!

Thank you so much, huge hugs Lou xxx


  1. Hi Lou :) just wanted to let you know that this is only affecting non-blogger sites. We get to keep our follower badge yay! And phew lol. Just thought I'd keep ya posted :)

  2. Thank you Alyce, you're a star hun. I was worried about it!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  3. Have followed you just in case, lol!
    Hope you all have a fab cinema trip! xx

  4.'s just for don't get rid of me that easily!....haaaaa!


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