Monday 17 January 2011

Hanging us up on the wall !!!!

Hello peeps!!!
How is everybody this fine monday? good I hope.
I have woken up feeling much better after working on this slushy wall hanging of me and Scott. Anybody who knows mw knows I have the most awesome husband and i love this photo from our wedding day. I don't do having my photo taken so this is a rare find!!!!
Our wedding day was absolutely amazing and I loved every minute so with feeling not quite myself at the weekend I needed something to pull me back and cheer me up.
I was inspired completely with Allison's theme over on the Get Funky challenge blog which is 'Going round in circles'  .

So I got out my Colour Me Happy papercraft factory (....yup, I use it a lot!!!) and printed a couple of romantic looking pinks and browns off the contented coffee colourway.
A bit of martha branch treatment, some cricut cut flowers and a bit of bling and hey presto it was done!!!!!
I printed the gorgeous verse I found on a while ago around the edges of the circle using word.
Here's a little close up of the little fronds,flowers and bling!!!
Well, I must dash and pick the little man up from school, he wasn't enthused on the idea of school at all today so I am hoping he has had a nice day after worrying bless him.
Lou xxx