Wednesday 24 August 2011

Betty's off to the beach for the Get Funky challenge!!

Morning peeps!!!!

Its Lou and Betty here to do our bit for Paula's At The Seaside theme for this month. So, grab your Funky Hand papers ( not forgetting the fabulous funky freebie if need some funkiness!!!) and think colours of the sea,sand, rock pools, icecreams, lifegaurds, tight buttocks in tight speedo's........oops did I loose track there?? ;)

Now ya'll know how much Betty and I like to play and she had a little word with me and said she needed a good beach holiday!!! so I printed out some beautiful papers from 2 of the papercraft factory cd roms, they are completely easy to use as they stay on your pooter without having to load a disc every time and are so easy to swap and change through editions that you end up with a mahoosive pile of yummy papers!!

A good degree of ripping paper for sand and a snip with little mo's wibbly scissors for sea and the background was ready, now all I needed was Betty to get out of the changing room and into the waves!! 
I stamped her out, chopped off her heart choccy box and gave her a lovely big beach ball to hold instead. She asked for an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini so I gave her one ( he he he he!! had to add the song, bet ya'll sing it all day now!!!!!).

Betty's beach chair and decking set up is a cut file from the totally awesome Penny Duncan, I am so grateful to her for sharing her awesome creations as I enjoy making bits with them so much and it looks just amazing for Betty to sun herself off on later!!!! LOL!!!

Betty's beach towel on her chair is a scrap of Tea's up paper!! she just had to have a polka dot towel too, a girl needs accessories you know!!!

So get your funk on and pop in to join in with the challenge this month and
  PLEASE must use at least one Funky hand paper on your creations and entries.

Hugs from Lou.....and Betty of course!!!!!!!