Saturday 2 May 2020


Image- Meeya from Mo's Digital Pencil.
Morning all!!

ooooooooooooh it feels like forever since I just took part in a challenge as me, just a little Lou customer enjoying her images and wanting to play away and boy oh boy does it feel soooooo good!! and of course, there would be no better challenge to jump in on that Mo's Digital Pencil challenges!!

The super sweet little Meeya was just calling me from her rock to be coloured in so I went for it!!

And I've got to say, the sketch to follow is a really cool one! I love it!!
I just swapped out those flowers for some of the shells I collect from the beach when we go. Lordy I do miss the beach.
Someone once asked me how I use the shells from the beach and don't they smell. Well, here is my trick!! when we get home I pop them all in a little netting bag and then the next time the dishwasher goes on I pop them on the top shelf with the rest of the glasses etc in there and wahooo! no smelly shells!!! he he!!

Right, I need to go and hang out the laundry a Little Mo kindly sorted and put on for me this morning. He's such a sweetheart bless him!

Have an amazing Saturday everyone! huge hugs, Lou xxx