Friday 24 March 2017

Annabelle and puppy love........

Image- Annabelle and puppy love from Tiddly Inks.

Hi everyone!!

It's fab friday over on the Tiddly Inks challenge blog and the Tiddly Inkers have been making you some absolute gorgeousness this week!

My little man has been in France with school this week and I've found it quite hard ( ...yup, I am that wimpy mummy that hides all my tears and worries of him pootling off to France with school for the week until he drives off on the coach and then I totally loose it :( ) so a little tiddly inking was a big welcome distraction!! and this Annabelle and puppy love image is just sooooo cute for that!!

Since my mini boob op I have not been allowed to walk any of my pawsy peeps and of course, the lymph node op has popped that back even more now but I am lucky because my BF and gorgeous hubby have been taking me for a walk when they walk the dogs which is always nice!! he he!! so colouring little pawsy peeps absolutely cheered me up!

By wednesday I was struggling with pain and my dressing so Scott rang the breast clinic and they asked for me to pop up as soon as he could get me there to get checked out. I thought the pain was friction burning due to a very ruffled up dressing under my arm. You see, it's a really tricky place to try and dress really because I am a sweaty kinda chick! and I thought the pain in my arm was my arm sticking/rubbing on the dressing.

My amazing dressing nurse, Charlotte, was on it like a hotcake and took off the old dressing and steristrips to have a good look! and she was so pleased with my wound again!! she said it looked wonderful and didn't even need another set of steristrips putting on. As usual I got Scott to snap you all a quick piccy. When I looked in the mirror I actually struggled to even work out where my incision is!!

So after a good clean and another big dressing popped over the top it was good to go.

The pain in my arm, she explained, is actually real pain!! lol!! it's due to the surgeon having to kind of route around to find the right lymph nodes lit up by the special injection and then separate them from the spaghetti junction of other bits and bobs in there!!! so back to the painkillers ( I swear, I actually rattle when I walk!!!!!) being taken regularly.

And today is going to be such a good day because my little man will be home around 6:30pm ish. I seriously cannot wait! I have seen pictures of him the school have popped on twitter and it felt so good to see his little face all happy and him enjoying himself, such a lifesaver for mummy's on edge!!!!! 

Have a super great day everyone, huge hugs for you all and thank you for popping in, Lou xxxx