Monday 8 August 2016

Sunflower Baby.........

Image- Sunflower Baby.

Morning everyone!

Lou in for you this morning with a make using the adorable Sunflower Baby. She was new to the shop this weekend and way too cute to pass up on colouring up right away! isn't she a sweetie pie?!!!

And because I tidied my crafty desk up out in my crafty garage I could get to my distrezz it all to floof up those edged on my papers!! whoot whoot!!! 

And while I am here I just have to share todays 24hr 50% off baby for you! oh my!! he is soooo in my basket right now!!!!

Right, I need to scoot. I need me a big espresso. My head is pretty bamboozled after a weekend of so many emotions!! my precious Grandad had a car accident, thankfully he will be ok but I was so frightened and he is such a big part of my heart. Then on sunday my gorgeous sister got married and I had such happiness tears from the minute she walked down the aisle of the venue they got married in until the end!! oh my!! so I am an exhausted Lou today!!

Huge hugs for you all
Lou xxx