Tuesday 27 July 2010

Daddy, you rock!!

Oh I just love having the holiday time with little Mo, he is so funny.
We were out again at 6 am bike riding and woofer walking ( which may not of been a bad thing as it is clouding over a treat here now!!!!) and when we got home Mo was off out in the garden with one of my little ikea jars, they are so sweet.

Anyway, I ask him what he is doing, he says " collecting some little rocks for daddy to stop his paper flying away on his desk" ( this is because whilst we were out in the craft room yesterday wih the doors open due to the mugginess of the weather, some of the papers on the desk started floating around with the breeze, mo thought it was hilarious and said daddy needs a paperwieght! of course then I got te super "why, what is one of them mummy?"!! so after I explained he just carried on playing, I thought nothing of it and carried on with what I was doing!

So anyway!! once he had filled up this little jar I had an awesome burst of inspiration! Here's a close up of the filled jar, oooh what fab rocks!!!!

A couple of days ago my bloggy friend Lou made an awesome card with her son George. George had done an absolutely super job of writing his friends name on a tag (take a peek with this linky,its way too cute!)

I got one of my coloured stash of Tiddly Inks out, I had the cutest boy holding a rock , called You rock all ready to go and he rminded me a little of Mo with the blondey hair that I just had to use him!

I punched out a circle and inked the edges in a boy grubby brown kinda colour!!! and then I asked Mo to write 'daddy you rock' (he added 2 kisses but I guess that is his right as the artist for the sentiment!! lol!!!!) All I did then was to stick the cute boy to the circle and stick them to the jar!!!! a little bit of brown gingham ribbon and a bit of crochet thread for rope and it was done!!!

It is now sitting proudly on daddy's desk waiting for him to come home and find it "for a surprise!" from Mo, awwwwwww, I could bottle this little guys lovliness and sell it!!! He wants to make another now forhis little friend who is moving soon,....though Mo is in complete denial about it and keeps getting upset!! so that will be one of our jobs for today. I have another baby card to make for a friend who has just had a little boy ( he and his wife have 3 girls already so I was so excited when they had a boy!) I might be back with that later and I have just bought the gorgeous Fairy Fae from Tiddly Inks, I actually squeeled when I saw her!! so she wil be getting coloured today too!!!!

Off to get on with crafting while Mo is busy in the garden!!!
Have a great day everyone!! Hugs Lou xx