Sunday 8 January 2017

Flying Crayons.......

Image- Flying Crayons.
Hi everyone!  

I'm popping in while the house is in a state of 'shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'! Little Mo has gone off with Daddy to post some parcels and I am doing that thing where you make a cup of tea and eat 2 tesco oaty dunkers without someone small saying 'Can I have a bit? Can I dip mine in your tea? I won't let it go soggy and drop off in there (...and it always does!! lol!!!).

I've spent the last couple of months deep in thought with the old crafty stuff. I am very much the 'hobby cardmaker' kinda chick. I just love it that way. Just making what you fancy with the stuff you love, it makes me 'tick' creatively and keeps my crafty Lou clock always going, (it doesn't get out of time or have worn out cogs that way!!!) So on friday night after Mo had gone to bed (...and I had woken up and peeled myself of the pillow next to him where I had zonked out too...!!) I got busy with a make using Flying Crayons

She is such a little poppet, I adore her stripey little socks and her little heart picture, it's sooooo cute!! I made up a little sentiment to go with her and turned it's strip into a little scroll that is fluttering away in the breeze whilst she flies off with her crayons. I went for a one layer CAS card after seeing the latest MFT sketch, it's such a lovely sketch I think I will use it quite a bit!

Right, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh time over! the men of the house are back and I have meatballs to get in the oven for tea! ooooooooh yummers!! made the sauce base earlier and its been cooking away slowly in the oven and smells soooo nice!! so it's just a case of dunking the little meatballs in and letting them suck up the goodness for another 40 mins now!!

Huge hugs for you all,Thank you so much for popping in, Lou xxx