Monday 3 April 2017

Adventures Abroad....

Morning everyone! 

I'm popping in for you today with a super fun make using the scrumptious new Adventures Abroad. Isn't she just delightful?! I adore her. I just had to colour up that big, plumfy blanket all patchworky!!! and Bronte looks so cute following her on her journey, awwwwwwww!!!

Click on this picture below to get her and go off on your own adventures with her!!
So its easter holidays here and I am over the moon because I have my little man at home. I LOVE IT!! time with my little man is always a mummy smile maker. Scott has gone back to work this week after working from home for 6 weeks while I recover so it will be nice to have Mo home to keep me busy as I am sure I will miss Scott's presence greatly. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband looking after me, he really has been just amazing.

I must also say a massive huge thank you to everyone who is donating to my fundraising page or just sharing it. I cannot tell you how much it brightens my days when I wake up and check in on it.

I really do not know how to thank you all enough. You really are the best support and the biggest pair of big girl pants a girl could wish for at a time like with that in mind I now have a pair of big girl pants for the day of my head shave and I am taking every one who has donated with me on the day by wearing said big girl pants!!! 40 days to go!!! it's going to whizz by!! I am so honored to have you all supporting me and know that you will literally have my back (....side!!!) on the big day. Here they are!!
It's a good job I have such a big bum with you all supporting me!!! you really are the best.

Right, time to go and have fun with my little man! thank you for popping in, 
hugs Lou xxxxx