Sunday 29 January 2017

A bit of a boobie..............

The Titty Squisher!

I have ummed and ahhhh'd about doing this blog post but then my lil Lou cogs and mechanicals went into action and I have to be me and  thought 'yup, peeps need to know this stuff and check themselves so on the blog it goes!!!' there will be grammar and spelling mistakes because I am just going to waffle it out in the Lou waffle way!!

I have been having some problems with my right boobie for over 2 years now. (...yup...I know thats a long time but I did go and get it checked when it first started and when I mentioned my nipple problems to the nurse in nottingham breast clininc she just told me I needed to wash it I didn't already????? but when a nurse tells you something, you take note and think oh, ok). But it didn't get better and because I thought it was normal after what the nurse said, I just carried on. ( ...yes, I can hear y'all screaming OMG you didn't say more or go back or shout or scream?...) So I carried on in my normal little Lou bubble until it got so bad I couldn't take it anymore (...peeling your sore and bleeding nipple off your bra at night is not a fun activity, not even for Scott!!!!) here off to the Dr i went and 2 weeks later I was sat up at the breast unit with gorgeous hubby. And here goes the journey I've been on the last couple of weeks.

First, my consultant had a look and then decided on a few things to do. He said a mammogram, ultrasound and then maybe a biopsy if he thought he needed one.

Now! let me introduce you to The Titty Squisher up there !! This was my first time and I can tell you if you think they go flat when you lean over without your bra you know nothing of how flat those puppies can go 😂😂😂) so get off your phone or pooter and go squish your boobs or book your mammogram peeps! 

Then I was pootled round to the ultrasound side of the breast unit, cold jelly applied and ever so uncomfortable scanning of the boobie occured. The scanning dude said there were a few cysts....and here they are!! they looked so much like Jack from The Nightmare before christmas I just had to take a picture!!

So happy little me and Scott pootled off back to wait for my consultant safe in the knowledge that there were some cysts I didn't know about so thats why it was so ouchie! yey!!! and he said the mammogram was ok and the scan was ok and I started to get my coat ready on my lap......... and then he said he wanted to do a biopsy anyway....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Now I cannot tell a lie!!! this was the most painful thing I have EVER experienced!!! The consultant was wonderful though and got his bit done, my nurse was awesome. She held my hand all the way through and sorted me out after the biopsy had been done.....after holding down dressings for 20 mins with another nurse because the bleeding wouldn't stop!! they chatted away to me, then when it was stopped enough to dress it she had to use a whole pack of steristrips,gauze dressing all rolled up and then the sticker dressing thing over the top and then she held my pot up so I could take a photo before it went to the lab.I couldn't praise them all enough for how fab they were. 

And then it was the wait for I have to be brutally honest and say I wasn't worried at all, not one bit. I had seen the results for the mammogram and ultrasound and felt absolutely nothing could be wrong. The week came and went as normal and off I popped with Scott the next wednesday to get my results.

Clinic was running late and Scott had to leave to fetch our little guy from choir and we weren't worried so it wasn't a biggy for me to be there alone. I went in an hour and 5 mins late in the end but it didn't bother me sat there, I don't mind things like that. people have an important job to do and I was in no rush. 

I was called in by a new nurse and popped down on my chair to wait in the room and when my consultant came back with the nurse he had a booklet in his hand and I didn't think anything of it...until he told me I had a rare form of breast cancer. Oh bugger, that was not in the plan!!!! ( and my poor amazing husband has cried twice so far because he wasn't there with me when they told me but I have told him time and time again, we just were not expecting that at all and there is nothing he could of done, I was much happier knowing he was with my mo than mo being worried and stressed we hadn't picked him up.)

So,I have been diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer called Pagets Disease of the Breast. But its very treatable.As yuckies go though, although rare this is a good yucky because its very treatable so none of you are allowed to worry.So for now, I have a lymph node scan on wednesday and then on the 15th February (...don't worry, Scott will still get his valentines night treat ;) ) I will be having an operation to remove my right nipple and a good wedge of the tissues behind it. Then it's a 2 week wait for results and once I'm healed up a bit, 3 weeks of radiotherapy.

My consultant said he may have to do another op to remove lymph glands but we don't know any more on that yet and the most exciting bit is that once I'm healed and done with radiotherapy I will be getting my other boobie made smaller to match the size of the other one (...of which I am lovingly naming 'Frankentit' from the 15th onwards!!!)

I am going to be pootling on through my days in my normal Lou way so no worrying bloggy peeps!!! I'll keep you all updated of stuffs!! I am a firm believer in positivity!! I am more than sure I will have big wobble days and feel like an emotional jelly but I am a happy jolly chicka so I know how to sort myself out quick!

My plea for you guys though is to check, check and check again and if you don't feel at ease with your check, call in the professionals to check for you. Ring your Dr, book in your tests and keep a good eye out on your boobies!!!

Thank you for letting me get it all out of my system and waffled onto my blog!