Monday 24 October 2016

Mighty Oak......

Image- Mighty Oak.
Flowers- Petal Lu.
Morning everyone!!

It's my turn to post over on the Dream Team blog and I absolutely loved making my card this week.

Mighty Oak is just the cutest little bringer of autumn fairy I have ever seen!! such a swweetheart. So a splodge of die cut cropping and some Lou fave colours and my lil fairy was all done. I love that little acorn! 

And I broke out the gorgeous flowers I won from Petal Lu. Oh my!!! they are so delicate and pretty! I adore them. Lucinda packed a box full of my fave colours and then a few others too that all go together (which was a massive help because I get so stuck in the colour comfort zone and really don't know what else to add into the mix!).

So we are on half term break now and I am so happy. I love having my mini squidge around. Today we have not a lot planned. Just woofer walking and Mo wants to play a little club penguin and roblox after that as we don't get time to do that in term time at all. 

Have a wonderful day everyone. Huge hugs and love from me xxxxxx