Tuesday 11 September 2012

Tiddly-ing on a tuesday!!

Image- Little Miss Sunshine from Tiddly Inks
Printable quote from Kimberly at ' This Kalil Life'
Morning peeps!!
I hope you are all having a fab morning. I am so excited today because my awesome mum bought me a new car and I picked it up yesterday!!! ( when I say new, its actually 10 years old but to me that is mega new!!!) so today I will be having a little explore around in that and a good test drive once I have dropped little Mo off to school.
Mo also slept in until 6:30am this morning!! that's 2 days in a row now but this morning gets special mention as I am sure the extra 1hr30 mins in bed has helped to shake off a bit of the cold of doom and my runny nose is almost gone, I figure if he sleeps in again tomorrow my sore throat will go too!!! romfl!!

So this morning when I popped my google reader on Kimberly from This Kalil Life had made an awesome bright and cheery quote from the Dalai Lama which I absolutely loved. I just had to print it out right away and make myself a cheery little poster for my wall and there is no Tiddly cheerier than Little Miss Sunshine from Tiddly Inks. I absolutely adore her, she just makes me want to smile every time I colour her up!!!

Right then, I best get me a bit more organised and get Mo off to school so I can pop a cd in and do some driving around in my new car, brum brum!! romfl!!!

Thank you so much for popping in on me today! Have an awesome day everyone
Huge hugs Lou xxx