Monday 30 August 2010

My wedding cake- for Chris!!!!!!

Hello peeps!!!

Well I have had a fabulous day today, I was driven to Sir Stampalot by my very amazing hubby to watch Chris demoing. For anyone who hasn't seen the Sir Stamaplot girls in action, you definately need to, they are all awesome!!!

Chris had whipped through 5 totally gorgeous cards by the time I had to leave ( due to a very sleepy Mo who had been biking with daddy at ferry meadows!!) and had bought along a load of super stunners with her too. Go to her blog and keep checking back until she posts her advent calendar, OMG its was adorable!!!!

Just before I left, Lou and Fleur arrived, and a lot of other Sir Stampalottie Hotties!!!! for me it was a bit like being in a room full of famous people!! I pop in on people's blogs and love reading their posts and seeing their creations!! I am a bit shy in the real world so sorry if I don't say hello properly girls! I will get there in the end!!!!

So, while Chris was demoing we were chatting to Louise about what she had been up to on holiday and she had been to see shrek 4. Now my house are big shrek lovers, scott and I are probably the biggest shrek lovers on our house, this picture is our wedding cake!!!!! I am posting it for Chris and the other ladies!!! The lady who made it was awesome. We told her we wanted 3 layers, a stone path, dragon, donkey and shrek and fiona on top!! it had 2 choccy cake layers and the bottom was fruit cake. We kept our cake totally secret until the big day.

Right my head is buzzing with ideas after such a fab day and I have to go on my daily blog womble!!!

Thank you for popping in!!!

Hugs Lou xxxxxx