Monday 13 August 2018

Mummu's Bike....

Image- Mummu's bike.
Morning all! 

I'm popping in with a Mummu make! oh, she is just one of my absolute favourites and I can never resist a little crafty time with her. She really does just give you the warm fuzzies with her smile, doesn't she?

I've had such a wonderful weekend and I'm still floating on cloud 9 a bit!! on Saturday I reached my Slimming World Target!! wahoooooooo!! (...though I also went to my Godfather's wedding and think I have probably stacked it all back on with yummy food and treats!!!!!).

I also achieved something so special it really hasn't sunk in properly with all the busy weekend-ness. I won Woman of the Year at my Slimming World group along with my beautiful friend, Kirsty. Don't get me wrong, the sash, certificate and flowers are so lovely but whats magic to me is that the amazing men and women in my slimming world group nominated me and feel that I deserved to win this award? It just makes me feel so humble and emotional all at once. I have looked at my certificate and sash a million times and still can't take it in. How special is that? I have to be honest and admit I never thought I would get that blooming weight shifted, let alone get to target or be an inspiration for other so it really is a beautiful thing.

Here is a little piccy our gorgeous friend Jools took of me and Kirsty with our awards, she even managed to make me look like I have a halo on!!! he he!! It was so lovely to have Kirsty with me because I nominated her. I really still can't believe it!

Right, I'm going to have a lovely cuppa and a little relaxation before I tackle the ironing mountain!!  Thank you for popping in, huge hugs Lou xx