Sunday 29 May 2011

Craft show haul!!!!

Hello peeps!!

wow, I had an awesome day at the craft show. I had fun buying some new crafty stash and best of all caught up with some of my lovely friends who I haven't seen in a while which was so nice, love you all oodles xxxxx
Massive thanks to Fi for making me go, I loved it xxx

oh,oh oh and there on the oyster crafts stand was a little distrezz it all!! omg!! I am so excited about, going to try it out later!!! lovely Mrs. C found me these charms on one of the stalls!!! how absolutely awesome are they??!!!!

They must of known I was coming!!! romfl!!!! huge huge huge thanks to Mrs.C for the findy xxxxxxxxxxx

Right , off to soak my achey little feet and snuggle up with my little man ( ...who was extremely excited and pleased with his little charms Mrs. C and instantly pinched one and stuffed it in his pocket!!!)

Hugs Lou xxx