Sunday 13 March 2011

Birdie birthday card!!

All images and papers from Craft The Year Away by Funky Hand.
Ribbon- September song set from Funky Hand.
7x5 blank card base.
Good morning peeps!!!

urgh well the sun didn't last and this morning we have awoken to drizzle :( I am hoping it will brighten up again later as I have some more washing that would love to dry on the line!!

I was having a little play on my Craft The Year Away again on friday and this is the cutie I created!!! now just incase you haven't got it already here is what my lovely little pooter screen looked like whilst I was working away making my matting for my card within the programme itself.
(I absolutely love this feature as it saves on oodles of layers that the postie loves to charge me a squillion pennies for a large letter due to its width if it is going to be mailed!!)
The only bit you can't see on this screenshot is the darker pink that I printed straight onto my card base and the little bird in his tree.
To make sure my little birdie and his tree were the tight size I printed out all my yummy paper selection and then once that was done I added the tree to the little card front mat I made and resized it and then did the same with the bird and just printed them out on their own.

I love my september song ribbon pack too so I used my last scraps on the thin green one to make a yummy sash and bow.

And what is little mo up to today you ask? well, after mummy and daddy watching him busy creating for 20 mins ( thinking something along the lines of whatever is he doing.....) he had some up with this magnetic racetrack for paper people!!!!! oh I love how his little mind works!!!!!

We have giggled so much racing those little paper people up and down with the magnets!!! got to love McDonald's coffee stirrers!!!! :) mummy and daddy had to take it in turns to race mo!!

Well I am off to make a start on some mothers day cards now so I might be back later!!
Huge hugs
Lou xxx