Sunday 20 September 2009

Yippeee!! the mojo returneth!!!

Hello everybody!!! Happy sunday!!
oh the weekend is over too quickly this weekend!!!! I lost my mojo this week, I was desperate to get my challenge piece for the UK crafters thread done but it just wasn't happening....... until this morning!!! I came out to my crafty garage armed with custard creams and a cup of fruity tea!! my theory is that it doesn't matter how many custard creams I ate because the hot fruity tea melted the calories (....yep...i know this is very delusional but it makes me feel better!!!) Anywho, I had to find my craft worktop first(...ask my big sis, i am the messiest crafter in the entire world!!!! she normally has to doodle in a 3cm sqaure spot at the end of my worktop!!!)
2 custard creams later I could see some of the beech effect laminate popping through......
3 custard creams later and Mo had run off with my scraps and was producing a beautiful piece of artwork for his friend Claudia with it......
6 custard creams later and I had found my desk and my poor mojo flat under the mess that was on it so I duly gave my mojo the kiss of life and set to work!!!! lol!!!
I got out a piece of my favourite 12x12 thin cardstock. This is one of the first presents from my lovey DH when I first got my cricut, I saw it on ebay and by the time I had come home that night he had bought me it awwww he is fab.
Please bear in mind this is only my 4th scrap page!! I have a lot to learn!!
I stamped and heat embossed it with black sparkly powder and my fab inkadinkado rock star stamp (i am still in love with this set!!)
Next I cut out my piccy of rockin Mo and rounded the corners with my corner chomper( omg, once you have one of these you want to round everything!!) inked up the edges and popped a bit of black boyish bling on it. I cut 2 "tattoo's" out in shadow with silver mirri card and then black in normal, then I did the rock n roll banner the same way. I stuck them together and popped them all on the page with a bit of black satin ribbon at the bottom. Now that bit was easy!!!! tough I can never geta good piccy of my efforts when there is mirri card involved!! it really does look cool in the flesh!!!
The bit that takes me ages is that gorgeous guitar, I love it and I am addicted to it at the minute but I just have to string it!!!! I cut it shadow with the mirri card then blackout in black then the fret plate in silver then a normal cut in black, (this gives me all the bits i need to make it layer up and look cool!!!) then I got out my needle and thread and some red-ish colour thread to match my 12x12 page. This is the bit that takes me a while. I always thread 3 strings, then glue then and then do the other 3, (I find it gets to fiddlyif I do it any other way and 3 is half -way it was time for a custard cream and cup of tea break!!) then I did the other 3!!! a bit of the black ribbon and a bit of silvery organza and hey presto I was done!!! I put a bit of clear drying glue over the strings on the fret board rectangley bits, when it dries it looks really cool but as I sit here it is still wet and a bit white still so not looking too fab yet!!!
Then me and the Mo-ster went to the big field near our house to play with his huge frisbee, los of fun and giggles but we had to come back as I forgot to take his inhaler in my rush to play and he needed it, (luckily the field is really close to home, he just can't run around sometimes without it,especially on warm polleny grass just been cut days!!!!!) We had ice cream,picnic tea and cuddles and he read me his first school book with words in before he fell asleep!!
My amazing DH has gone out to get us tea....mmmm pizza ( yeo the diet is well and truly out of the window today!! lol!!!) so I am going for now. Mo is wheezing away on the monitor but not disturbed by it so he must be in a deep sleep ( well until 5am that is!!!)
Here he is in his big boy uniform,awwwwwww!!!!

Thankyou for popping in xxxx