Sunday 7 May 2017


 Image- Pignon.
Morning everyone!
It's Lou in with a make for you this morning and this scrumptious little mushroom fairy,Pignon, was going to be my challenge card make but I was poorly in the hospital so I couldn't finish it off!! doh!!!

I just adore Pignon. I've had it in my files for sooooo long and decided it was the one for me this time. I decided to sneak some colour in there too by doing the little gills underneath the mushrooms in rainbow colours.They are also glittery but as always, I struggled to get that in the top piccy and resorted to ...FLASH...aaaa...aaaaaa...(...y'all are going to be singing the Flash Gordon soundtrack all day now right?!!!!!) to show off the pretties!

I had from Tuesday to Friday in the hospital with Neutropenic Sepsis. The staff on the ward were so lovely looking after me. I had a whole tonne of antibotics by IV and blood thinning injection into my tummy every night. My bloods needing testing everyday to make sure my neutrafil levels were going back up from 0.6. They dropped the first night down to 0.5 but then they got better everyday so now I am much better and back home again. My oncologist is going to sort me out with some injections for my next chemo sessions to help those little white cells keep to a good level so hopefully I won't get too sick again.

Today my little bits of hair growth from my head shave of hair are falling out at a great rate of speed!! It feels ever so weird and keeps making us all giggle!! 

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxx