Sunday 21 July 2013

A bit patchy...!!!

Morning everyone!
I wanted to share one of the cards I made the the magazine feature I did a couple of weeks ago today. Our sunshine seems to be hiding today so I decided on this zingaliciously bright patchwork card!

I really enjoyed making this one and its such a fun way to use up a few scraps! I stuck them all on and the drew some doodley stitches around the edges of each piece.
Here's the instructions if you fancy having a quick go at one....

You will need:
5 different printed papers ( your scrap pieces would be awesome for this card)
plain cardstock cut at 5" x 10"
Score and fold your plain cardstock at 5", this will be your card base.
Cut your biggest piece of paper at 4 7/8" x4 7/8"  and distress the edges using the edge of your scissors.
Cut the other pieces at 1" x 4 5/8", 2 2/8" x 3 4/8",2 2/8" x 2 2/8", 1" x 2 2/8 and again distress all the edges with your scissors.
Adhere them all to your largest piece of paper in the same layout as shown in the picture.

Using a black pen, doodle some faux stitching around the edges of the patchwork pieces.

Today Poppy has 2 little buddies over to play, Monty and Ellie, as their mummy and daddy are having a big BBQ, not much fun for pawsy peeps so they are spending the day with us instead. 

Mo is busy constructing something lego-ey! I keep hearing rustles of his hands swooshing through the bricks so I am not sure what is getting made up there today!!! and Scott is busy hoovering the car out and giving it some TLC after its 2 trips to the garage this week to get bits sorted out on it! so me, I am going to have a womble on split coast stampers and see if there's a tutorial I fancy having a go at because I finally feel oodles better today. The sore throat is hanging on but is so much more easy to cope with without the sore ear so I just keep sucking sweets to stop it getting to dry!!

Have an awesome sunday peeps, huge hugs Lou xxx